1) Sir, sir! Post!

2) Is it the Post(man)?

3) Post, Sir! Post!

4) Is it the Post(man)?

5) Kanasabai! Post!

6) Is it the Post? Give me the letter (and leave)!

7) Little brother! It's not a letter! It's a money order for your father. Go bring your father. Kanagasabai is your father, isn't he?

8) Yeah! My dad's out of town. He's out of town on important business. You can't see him until tomorrow.

9) Hmmmm.

10) Yeah!

11) Okay then! I'll come again tomorrow!

12) Okay! Come back tomorrow! He'll be back for sure!

13) Okay, little brother! I'll come tomorrow. When he comes, tell him that I was looking for him.

14) Okay!

15) He's getting a money order from Kadambur for sixty five rupees.

16) Aaa!

17) Okay! See you then!

18) Okay! Go and come back tomorrow.

19) Don't forget to tell your father about this.

20) I will! (to himself) What kind of a person is my father? He goes and shuts himself up to spend the day writing stories (to earn money), on a day when he gets money! If Mom knew about this money order thing... (laughs).

21) Sir. Sir. Kanagasabai sir! What is this? Nobody's home? (knocks at the door).

22) Hey you! Who's breaking down the door?

23) It's me! I've come from the "Kalaimani" (Morning bell) magazine office.

24) Do you have to break down the door for that reason?

25) I tried calling (but) I didn't see anyone! That's why...

26) You are breaking it down, right?

27) No, no!. Can you get your father please?

28) Father! Father's not home. He had to go out of town on urgent business. He won't be back until tomorrow.

29) The editor gave me this letter for him. I brought it here for him.

30) A letter? Okay! Give it to me.

31) Bring your father please!

32) What! Didn't I tell you that he's out of town! I told you just now! Why don't you give it to me?

33) No, no!. The editor told me to give this letter to him. I brought it for him.

34) Okay! I understand! Give it to me! (He takes the letter). Why are you still waiting?

35) I was told that if I give this letter, I would be given a big bundle. He asked me to get it from him. Can you read this letter and see if you can give me the bundle?

36) Hmmm. Okay, wait! (reads the letter aloud).

Dear Story Writer Kangasabai,

We need a good story for our next issue. Send it right today. If you have to send it tomorrow, we don't need it. So, send it right today. It's very urgent.


Editor Arumugam.

37) mmm. When he said "paper bundle", did he mean the story?

38) Yeah, he must have meant "story" by "paper bundle". Is this what you think about my father's stories? Is it that simple? What are they worth? Do you know?

39) If that's the case, can you give it to me?

40) What! I can't take the story script and give it to you. You can get it from him tomorrow when he's back.

41) Okay, little brother! I'll tell the editor that he's out of town.

42) Yes.

43) Okay little brother, I'll be going (let me go)!

44) Okay, see you later!

45) (to himself) It's already half past twelve. I'm starting to feel a bit hungry. I'm thinking nobody else could possibly come and give me more trouble while I am eating. I really don't know! This is really Dad's lucky day! He's getting nothing but good news. And he had to choose this very day to (coop himself up and) write a story. Oh, well! It doesn't matter to me! I'll go get something to eat and and then catch some Z's.

46) (Knocking at the door). Little brother! Little brother! Sir!

47) Who's this? Who's calling "sir!"? Who's there?

48) It's me little brother! The washerman.

49) Oh, the washerman? Did you call me "little brother" or are you calling my dad by saying "sir"?

50) I called both because you might be home and your Dad might not be home. If your dad's home, you won't be home. That's why...

51) Ahaa. 52) That's why I called both of you.

53) Is that so?

54) Whoever is home, can come out.

55) Okay! What is this surprise visit! You have come with two shirts? Like the flower that blooms once in twelve years, you decided to show yourself today?

56) Nothing like that! The boss asked me to bring two shirts urgently. That's what I've brought today.

57) Oh yeah? He asked for it urgently the day before yesterday, and you've brought it just today. Okay! leave it and go.

58) Call your dad, little brother. He told me that he would give me three rupees when I bring the shirt. He already owes me two and a half rupees. Now he owes me fifty paise for the two shirts.

59) What!

60) If you can give me all the money...

61) Are you charging fifty paise for two shirts? That's highway robbery.

62) Little brother! It's dry cleaning.

63) All the same to me! The boss is out of town. He left town on urgent business.

64) What's this all about, little brother? He told me that he'd give me the money when I bring the shirts. Now you give me this story.

64) What do I know about it? What can I do? If you want to leave the shirt, leave it here, or take the shirt with you and leave. My dad will come only tomorrow and (you can) give it to him then.

65) I'll take the shirt with me. If I leave it with you now, I won't be able to get the money from him. I'll come tomorrow morning.

66) Okay.

67) When your father comes, please tell him that I came. Don't forget it.

68) I'll definetly tell him about it. See you.

69) Oh! Little brother!

70) My god! Why are you again giving me trouble (taking my life away from me)? Leave the shirt and go.

71) Shirt! What do you mean? Please turn around little brother.

72) Oh, the gardener Munusamy? I thought you were the washerman! Did you bring the young rose plants that I told to bring?

73) I'll bring them tomorrow. Is the boss home?

74) He's not home. He's out of town on important business. Is there something urgent?

75) Nothing so urgent little brother! If that's the case, could you please call your mom? I borrowed ten rupees from your dad six months ago.

76) Good!

77) I've got it now. I came to pay it back. Is your mom home?

78) Mom's not home either. (laughing) Mom has been to Samayapuram.

79) Oh, has she gone to see the goddess Mariyamman?

80) Yes.

81) Then, have it. You take it. Be sure to Give this to your dad when he's back.

82) No, No! Look, Munusamy. I don't want to have to deal with any money issues. You come tomorrow and be sure he gets it. He'll definitely be back tomorrow. You come and give it to him.

83) Okay little brother. I'll see him tomorrow. See you little brother.

84) Hey, Munusamy! Munysamy!

85) Okay, little brother. See you!

86) Munusamy! Don't forget about the roses.