1) Kanagasabai! Hey, Kanagasabai! Oh little brother! Is your dad home?

2) Aaa. Have you come to see my Dad? Please come in! What's the time now, sir?

3) It's six thirty-five, little brother. Why're you asking me the time?

4) Oh, no reason. I was just asking ...

5) I see!

6) My dad's writing a story in his room. Go in and see him.

7) Is he home?

8) Yes, he's home. Go ahead.

9) Okay, little brother. (Goes to Kanagasabai's room). 10) Okay, go see him

11) Hello, Kanagasabai? Are you writing a story?

12) (To himself, surprised) Nityanantam?

13) Why're you looking at me so strangely?

14) Nothing, I've been asleep; I woke up just now. I'm feeling a little sleepy, Nothing else. Is my son at the door?

15) Yes. He's there. I told you that I would come before six o'clock. I wasn't able to come before six. I was visiting one of my relatives on the neighboring street, and thinking that I could stop by here and see you on my way, if you're home. Good (thing) you're here.

16) Yes ... I was about to go out, just as you came. Look, Nityaa.

17) Dad, Dad, Dad!

18) What's the matter with you? You come running so fast!

19) Dad, Important news for today! Everybody who came before six o'clock brought good news.

20) What! Good news!

21) Yes, Dad! Don't you know? The postman came today. He told me that you are due a sixty five rupee money order from Kadambur.

22) My goodness!

23) Then, a servent from the Kalamani magazine office came. He asked me to give this letter to you. See, it's written in this letter that they need a story to publish in their next issue of the magazine.

24) Oh, God!

25) Listen up! Our washerman came by surprise with two shirts. It seems you told him that you would give him some money!

26) Yeah!

27) When I told him that you're not home, he took the shirt also and left. There's yet another message for you! You know the gardener, the one who told us that he would us bring rose bushes?

28) Yes.

29) He also came. I guess he borrowed ten rupees from you?

30) Yes. that's right.

31) He came to return that back to you. Now a little while ago this man came. After that Mother came.

32) You want to know a little joke? I told mother also that you're out of town. You should have seen how mad she was!

33) You stupid fool! You're (always) Saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times. Go away! Go out and play.

34) Mm, hmm. What's this Kanagasabai? Scolding the boy so severely? I know everything already. Knowing that you would come up with this kind of plan, I (planned it to come) came at thirty minutes past six o'clock. Well, anyway! You'll get money tomorrow. I'll take leave from my office tomorrow and come to get it. See you later.

35) Okay! Go on! What is all this? My luck is in bad shape today! All those I was expecting, came before six o'clock. He will also come back tomorrow and get his money from me. I don't even have a shirt to wear. What we think is (going to happen is) one thing but what is happening is a different story. Hey! Kanna!

36) Yes, Dad.

37) Go quickly, and get me a cup of strong coffee from mother.

38) What happened Dad? Do you have a head ache? Do you feel dizzy?

39) Do what I say, you blockhead!

40) Mom, Mom!

41) What's happened? What's so urgent? You're always calling me as though you're in great danger of losing your head! What's the matter?

42) Oh, nothing, Mom!

43) Then why are you in such a hurry? If you aren't going to say it, I'll say it. Your father has a head ache; he's urgently in need of coffee. You're here to take care of this for him. Am I right?

44) Yes Mother. Give me a cup of coffee for Father.

45) Your father deserves this and even more of these (bad things). Here it is. Go give this coffee to him. We'll see if he minds his own business properly from now on. Go!