Exercise based on Reader lessons one and two

Complete the Tamil sentences given below by conjugating verbs, adding case suffixes to nouns and adding plural suffixes as appropriate. Use Roman transliteration to write your answers.

1. ؾ ƣ
(The Clouds are in the sky.)

2. Բ ׽ ¯
(This dog's name is Rover.)

3. հ ׻
(Tamilnadu is to the south of Andhra.)

4. հ ׻
(Madurai is in southern Tamilnadu.)

5. ԯ
(Look at this cart.)

6. ٽ 崣 ԯ
(Look at that boy's face.)

7. ٹ ġ
(There is a lamp in that shop.)

8. ͨ ٹ ׽տ ֻ
(My younger brother's shop is in a big street.)
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