Exercise: Lessons 12 and 13.

A. Write the following sentences in Tamil:

Consult transliteration table 1. Mother says that she has to cook dinner for Father.

2. Kannan doesn't have to go to school today. (infinitive of ؽ = ؽԴ)

3. I like Lalitha's (ջ) younger sister.

4. Next Friday Somu (ض) and I must go to see that movie. (movie: )

5. My mother often (ܡ) says to me, "You must study carefully.".

6. It seems that you don't like Tamil movies.

7. In our family everyone likes festivals.

8. My mother likes to buy things in all the shops.

B. Answer the following questions in Tamil:

1. 廣 ͨ?

2. ٹ ֥ܧ ޡ 廣 ܡޣ?

3. ġ ªա ͨ եٶ?

4. Ψ "եٶޤ . ٻ ӻ ơ ԣ" ͨ ªտչ ׶ԧԨ? (Ψ ͨԧ?)

5. ǣ չ ͨ ׶ԧԪ?

6. ͤؽ հ ֥ٶޤ ܡ ?

7. ٻ ׶ԧ¯ (the narrator) ͤ ǡޤ ؽԴ? (*ٻ ׶ԧ¯ -"he who tells teh story".) In your answer you can refer to the narrator simply as 'he'.)

8. ¯ ػԺաչ ͢ Բ ״ࡴԯ?.

9. ػԺաޤ ܤ ?.

10. Ψ ٻ ׶ԧը ԰ٴ ?.

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