Exercise: Lesson 17.

Consult transliteration table
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I. Translate the following phrases into Tamil.
a. all three girls b. all four lessons
c. both of them (persons) d. both of them (things)
e. in all three houses f. to all five towns
II. Translate into English:

1. ׽ 碻ա 碻 Ժ ä ԯ.

2. ɨšޡ է Ԩ ԤչԾ ޤ ؽƨ.

3. ؽ ¨ ޤ ؽԴԣ.

4. ٽ ֥ऽԹ Ծ վޤ ؽԨ.

5. ԯԾ ֻٿ .

III. Translate into Tamil:

1. He did the work without speaking and went home.

2. You shouldn't swim in that tank.

3. You shouldn't speak without thinking.

4. The two gurus cursed one another.

5. Without turning back, the woman walked into the forest and disappeared.