Exercise: Lesson 18.

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1. Conjugate the following verb roots as indicated:
1. ش (I, future). 2. (you, past)
3. (we, past). 4. ػԨ (it, future)
5. (they, past). 6. (she, present)
7. ش (he, past). 8. (it, future)
9. (I, future). 10. ش (you, present)
11.  (he, past). 12. ը (it,past)
13. ׻ (she, past). 14. ԤԱ (I, past).
15. ը (I, future).
II. Write the following sentences in Tamil (review):

1. You shouldn't go.

2. I can (am able to) swim.

3. She may come.

4. He knows how to cook.

5. She can't (is not able to) write.

6. He doesn't like to sing.

7. You shouldn't talk.

8. I must sit.

9. She doesn't have to go.

III. Write in Tamil:

1. She has a craving for good books.

2. She is angry at her mother.

3. I am going to buy a dhoti.

4. They are going to eat at one o'clock.

5. He is always at home.

6. Everyone likes vadai.

7. Yesterday in the temple the crowd was excessive (i.e. was great in quantity). (crowd: )

8. At that time (i.e., then) he was a student.