Exercise: Lesson 20.

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I. Write the "conditional" of the following verbs.
a. b.
c. ش d.
e. ٹ f.
g. h. ״ԧ
II. Translate the following words and phrases into Tamil:

a. everywhere b. nowhere
c. everywhere d. (he) will not eat anywhere
e. never f. never spoke
g. (he) sees everything h. (he) doesn't see anything
i. everyone j. no one came
II. Translate the following sentences into Tamil:

a. If you write the lesson now, we will go out in the evening.

b. If you marry that man, he will beat you.

c. Valli (ª) let the boy eat the vadais.

d. The teacher didn't let the students speak.

e. In Tamilnadu girls marry their mother's younger brother's sons.

f. My father doesn't go to the temple.

g. The woman stole the money for her husband.

h. Tell him to put the leftowvers (ի reminder") in the kitchen.

i. She told the boy to bring a pen for his teacher.