Exercise based on Reader lessons one and two contd.

Give Tamil equivalents for the following sentences. Use Roman transliteration to write your answers.

1. Look at this table.

2. Look at that tree.

3. Look at the big dog.

4. This is a picture of a man.

5. That is a picture of a house.

6. This man's name is Rama (Ծ)

7. That woman's name is Sita (ٻ)

8. My house is in Delhi.

9. My daughter's house in Bombay.

10. Your books are in my house.

11. Madras is on the east coast of India.

12. There are many cities in this country

13. This lesson is important.

14. There are many large streets in this city.

15. Pakistan is to the west of India.

16. Delhi is in North India.

17. Another name for Madras is Cennai.

18. Culcutta is one of India's important cities. ("Among India's important cities Culcutta is one")
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