Exercise: Lesson 22

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I. Translate the following phrases into Tamil.
1. when he fell

2. when they heard

3. after I ate

4. as he said

5. after you called

6. as I thought

7. when we came

8. when it grew

II. Translate the following sentences into Tamil
1. After the tree grew, the sky became angry.

2. The child saw the elephant and began to cry. (begin: (S)) (cry: (W))

3. As you said, today it is very cold (i.e. today the cold is excessive).

4. After eating, please put the mangoes I bought in the kitchen.

5. He finished his work (once for all).

6. Raja () saw a big cockroach on the floor and smashed it (once for all). (floor/ground: ).

7. The sorcerer changed the girl into a water buffalo (once and for all).

8. When you sang that Tamil song, I began to think about the trip I made to Madras. (trip: Ժ)