Exercise: Lesson 23

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I. Write the past, present and future tense forms of the AJP for the following verb roots:
a. į (W)

b. ٹ (W)

c. ٹ (S)

d. (W)

e. ׻ (W)

f. Ԥ (W)

g. ԯ (S)

h. (S)

II. Write the "future" participial noun as indicated for the following verb roots:
a. (W) [masc.sing.]

b. ׶ (W) [non-rational sing.]

c. ؿԶ (S) [fem.sing.]

d. (W) [rational pl.]

e. (S) [non-rational sing.]

f. ؽ (W) [masc.sing.]

g. ؽ (W) [non-rational sing.]

h. (S) [rational pl.]

III. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. The "number" of the sand (which is) at the seashore is very great.

2. People who study Tamil should go to Tamilnadu. (use participial noun)

3. Poets who praise kings receive money.

4. The people in this town can speak (in) both Tamil and Malayalam. (Use a participial noun.)

5. The man who does this work must be clever. (use a participial noun.)

6. As soon as Panji saw the sorcerer she ran into her house.

7. Even if you curse me, I won't marry you.

8. Even if you go to see the temple, the people who work there (part. noun) won't let you go inside.

9. I have come from Madurai.

10. The king has given all his money to poets.