Exercise: Lesson 24

Consult transliteration table
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I. Translate from Tamil to English:
1. Ԩ ġ پٻ Ԥե ԯؽ.

2. ջ شԿު ؽԴ 磽ԧ ¨ ٹٿ ࡴ .

3. Ԩ ٹٿ , شԿէ ׶¯ ͨ ˪ ؽԴ չէ.

4. ׶Ԩ ªٿ شԽ ٹ ¢.

5. պ ֯ Դ 硴. ȱ Դ ɧ.

6. 䴰 Ԩ.

II. Translate from English to Tamil:
1. Try writing with this pen.

2. You shouldn't even speak with him.

3. Although I studied the lesson, I didn't understand what the teacher asked.

4. The wind made the leaves fall.

5. They asked her to shut the door.