Exercise: Lesson 28 and Review Exercises: lessons 25-27

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I. Write each of the following sentences in Tamil in two ways (STR 28,42):
1. He went to a village.

2. She bought a fruit.

3. The man smashed the bug with both hands.

4. The boy went home with a friend.

5. They saw a woman in the road.

II. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. She realized that the woman playing with her son was the same woman who lived with her husband.

2. Buy as many mangoes as you are able to eat.

3. No matter how many times Kannan () reads the lesson, he won't understand it. (time, as in X number of times: )

4. Whenever I am working, my little brother wants to play.

5. Whenever my father comes home, we'll eat. (We'll eat when my father comes home.)

6. Murukan is the god whose vehicle is the peacock. (Murukan is the god who has the vehicle which is the peacock.)

7. My little brother Kannan is the boy with blue eyes. (Kannan who is my little brother is the boy who has blue eyes.)

8. Mother must have cooked the vadais this morning.

9. When he saw the old woman shivering in the street, he may have felt pity. (shiver: ) (W); pity: ¯ (W))