Sentences for Translation: Reader Lesson 31 and Review

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I. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. If you don't give me three rupees, I won't be able to go with you to the movies.

2. Even if you don't come by six o'clock, you may speak with me after I eat.

3. If you don't want to hear this song, you may go outside and return in five minutes. (minutes: վ)

4. My father never eats in restaurants.

5. In India people never go inside temples wearing their shoes. (sandals: ׶)

6. When I am in Chicago, I never wear a veshti.

7. When my friend is in Tamilnadu, she never speaks in English. (English: )

8. Muttusami (Ծ) eats meat. (meat: )

9. My friend speaks Tamil.

10. If mangoes aren't available in the market, we'll buy bananas (äã).

11. Even if you are exhausted, you must go out to buy vegetables.

12. Even though I saw him in the crowd, I didn't call him.

13. As soon as Meena () came home, she began to argue with her mother.