Sentences for Translation: Reader Lesson 32 and Review

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I. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. We'll go out now. Let your brother stay here and study. ("let" in the sense of obligatoriness, not permission)

2. I'll try to come at ten o'clock, but I can't say I'll definitely come then. (definitely: ԿԴ)

3. Shouldn't you try to come at the time you said?

4. Aren't you able to read the story called "The Three Bears"? (bear: )

5. They made the boy return all the fruit which he had taken. (return (give back): 礽ա ״ (S))

6. We didn't expect you to come today. ("We didn't expect your coming today.") (expect: ͻկԯ (S))

7. May I go with you to see the procession?

8. I forgot all about the fact that I have to be home today at eight o'clock.