Sentences for Translation: Reader Lessons 33, 34 and Review

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I. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. In front of the house there is a big coconut tree.

2. They hid the gold behind the cabinet. (cabinet: )

3. Three years ago he was living in Madras.

4. I must go out to buy the things needed for the trip. (trip: Ժ)

5. He doesn't have the skill needed for playing chess. (skill: Ծտ; chess: )

6. There's no need for you to go to work today.

7. Here we never work on Suday.

8. Even if you don't finish the lesson today, please bring what you have written.

9. It is necessary to remove one's shoes before going inside a temple. (remove: ñ (W); sandals: ׶)

10. On Wednesday Ramaswami (ԾԾ) was in Madras, therefore you couldn't have seen him walking near the Meenakshi temple.

11. Kamala may have bought her saree in Kanchipuram, but usually the color of a Kanchipuram saree is more beautiful than the color of her saree. (usually: ׽磽)

12. Rajan must have forgotten that he said he would come by six o'clock.

13. Valli realized that never again would see her friend who had gone to America. (never again = 'henceforth' + neg. element in sentence)