Sentences for Translation: Reader Lesson 36 and Review

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I. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. I was in India a year ago. (= It has been one year since I was in India.)

2. I began to study Tamil seven months ago.

3. When I lived in Madurai, I used to go to the movies every week.

4. When my sister was a young girl, she used to climb trees.

5. As soon as the bus came, a big crowd appeared from somewhere. (crowd: )

6. As soon as Valli saw the man who was hidden behind the tree, she began to scream. (scream: )

7. If people want to stare at us, let them stare. (stare: ˱ ԯ)

8. Why don't you tell me about what you did last week? (In the sense of, "How about telling me about...)