Sentences for Translation: Reader Lessons 40, 41 and review

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I. Write the following sentences in Tamil:
1. Because Ramesh (ؾ) and Rajan grew up (were raised) in the same house, they felt affection for one another (between them there was affection). į (W) be raised vs. į (S) raise (a child)

2. In order to view the procession, we stood on the roof of my sister's husband's house. ̯: procession; upper storey of a building, roof terrace; ǢԨ: brother-in-law (also Ԩ)

3. So that everyone would hear what he said, he spoke forcefully. : strength, force

4. While everyone watched with amazement, the child sat on the lion's back. ȫտ: wonder, amazement; : lion; : back

5. He behaved as if he hated his family. (S): hate, feel disgust; (S) behave

6. As soon as his mother left the room (and went outside), Murti ate all the vadais which she had fried. (W): fry, be hot

7. Yesterday I worked all day long (all of yesterday) without speaking to anyone. x : all of x, the whole of x

8. Because I was out of town (in an "outside town") last week, I wasn't able to come to see you. ۯ: "outside town"

9. One and only one person in this town knows where I was (the place where I was) the day before yesterday. ԼԪ: day before yesterday

10. Valli called (to) her friend and began to talk about her new job, her sister's wedding and other matters.  (W): call, ؼջ: female friend, ؼջ, : male friend