Sentences for Translation: Reader Lessons 42-45

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I. Translate the following sentences from English to Tamil:
1. I wish to write a story about Americans living in India.

2. Instead of eating in the restaurant where we usually (i.e. habitually) eat, shall we eat in the new restaurant near the bus stand? restarant: ѥ (hotel); habitually: áԴ; bus stand: ӹ or ؽ

3. They say that (i.e., apparently) Tamilnadu has more temples than any other Indian state. (There are more temples in Tamilnadu than in other Indian states.)

4. You have told me about the time you spoke to the prime minister at least three times. ("your speaking to the prime minister") time, occasion (as in "x number of times"): ; prime minister:

5. While searching in the road for the money which had fallen from his pocket, Sundaram () found a pearl fit for a queen. pocket: ٽ, pearl:

II. Summarize one of the four readings covered in this exercise in one or two paragraphs.