Exercise: Reader Lessons 46- 48

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I. Give Tamil equivalents for the following sentences:
1. By the time I arrived at the train station (ٴ ), my friend, not seeing me, had gone to my house alone in a horsecart (޻ ).

2. It is essential that you find Kannan and bring him here by eight o'clock. (S): find; ܡ״ (W): bring (a person)

3. I have never met a Tamilian with blue eyes. (S): meet

4. I never study Tamil after ten o'clock.

II. Give two Tamil equivalents for each of the following sentences, one using ͨ and another using the "indirect" discourse construction (part. noun + ȴ)
1. Kamala said that she would return from Delhi on Wednesday.

2. We promised to pay back (i.e., give back) the money we borrowed () from Arumukan (崨) on Friday.

3. You told me that you would go with me tomorrow to talk with our teacher about (our) exam.