Exercise: Lesson 8 and 9.

A. Translate into Tamil:

Consult transliteration table 1. I don't know your brother's name.

2. Raja () knows about Hindu festivals.

3. From the mountains in the north to the river in the south there are many important temples.

4. Water is flowing (flows) in all the streets.

5. The cow is running (runs) in the fields.

6. Is your mother at home?

7. I know all the important places.

B. Answer in Tamil:

1. չ տէ ش 硴ԯ?

2. տ ׾տ?

3. տ չ չ ׻ٴ ǻմ?

4. ״ š?

5. հԥܧ տ ¥ տԴ ?

6. Ψ ۯ ¥ հԥܧ ض ¥?

7. ش 硴?

8. Ի شԿէ Իէ ?.

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