PLCTAMIL is a Windows based software for learning Tamil. It requires a 386 or higher PC with at least 2 MB of RAM, Microsoft windows 3.1., sound card and speaker.

This program requires TamilNet.ttf Tamil font developed at the internet division, National University of Singapore. Please read their copyright instructions in their website You can download this font either from their site or from this site.


A) Create a directory called "c:\tamildir" (This is important because, the program looks for this directory for sound and other files.)

B) PKUNZIP the contents of in this directory.

C) Copy the files tamilnet.ttf and vbrun300.dll into the directory c:\windows\system.

D) Install the font tamilnet.ttf from control panel in windows by clicking the icon "FONTS". You need to select the fonts from c:\windows\system directory and click "Add".

E) The executable file called plctamil.exe is residing in c:\tamildir. You can drag and drop into your desktop, if you prefer. Otherwise, double click c:\tamildir\plctamil.exe to run this program.

Copyright: This is a freeware being distributed as part of Penn Language Center's project "Web Assisted Learning and Teaching of Tamil (WALTT)". No commercial use of this software is allowed under any circumstance. This software is provided as is, and neither PLC nor the author of this software (Vasu Ranganathan) is liable for any kind of consequence that might result to your system due to inappropriate use of this software. Philadelphia 4/28/97.