Step-by-step instructions for Font installation

For PC users:

a) Click (second item - after

b) This will ask whether you want to save it. Press yes. This file will be saved in netscape directory. (probably c:\nets202 or c:\netscape)

c) Once you get in your pc, you need to uncompress it using pkunzip.exe or unzip.exe. This will give you tamilnet.ttf and tamilfix.ttf.

d) Copy the files tamilttf.ttf and tamilfix.ttf to the directory: c:\windows\system

e) When you open windows, you need to install the font through control panel. (this step is tricky. Click Fonts under control panel. Click Add button. You need to select c:\windows\system directory to add fonts. This will select all the fonts. Now select tamilnet.ttf and tamilfix. Press install.

f) When you open netscape again, you need to click "options"

g) Click "general prefences", click font, then "choose font" to: tamilnet under proportional font and tamilfix under fixed width.

h) This should let you see Tamil documents in Tamil script.

i) If you want to prepare Tamil documents for your web pages, download and make transliterated doucument using the guidelines shown in trans.htm
For MAC users:

a) Click tamilnet.hqx

b) This should uncompress itself, if you have binhex program in your machine, and launched this through helper menu item. Otherwise, save it as source and uncom press it using binhex program.

c) You will get tamilnet font suitcase(icon). Drag this to the "font folder" kept inside "system folder".

d) Do a) to c) to download tamilfix.hqx

e) When you open netscape,
i) click options
ii) click general preferences,
iii) click font
iv) select tamilnet under proportional font
v) select tamilfix under fixed width font
vi) press apply and 0k

f) Then in the netscape menu:
i) open options
ii) scroll down and select "document encoding"
iii) select user defined.
(These last three steps need to be done every time you open netscape and Tamil learning site.)
This should let you read the document in Tamil font.