View Unicode Hindi through Roman transliteration (ITRNS scheme)

You can use the following form to practice writing Devanagari in Roman alphabet. Write your Romanized transliteration within two pipe symbols as in|aapkaa ghar kahaaM hai|?. You can check your input by clicking the transliteration button. Use the following chart to choose the Roman equivalents for Devanagari letters. Press the button named "Transliterate and view in Unicode Hindi" to see the output of the text in the following text box. When you are ready to try your text, remove the text inside this text box, and paste or type yours in. Remember Hindi should be entered within two pipe symbols like |meraa naam|. You can apply any HTML tags to Hindi, but be sure to keep the tag symbols out of the two pipe symbols, like <b><font color=red>|aapkaa ghar kahaaM hai*|</font></b>?. Use * for period in Hindi (|) See the Giant Table that contains all (Is it?) the characters. Be patient after you hit the button 'transliterate'.