Yuka Santhi: Exercise No. 5

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I. Translate the following sentence into Tamil.
1. Velayutam stood aside out of fear that the thief would see him.

2. Gouri stayed away from the temple out of fear that the priests would speak to her.

3. In the hope that she would find her daughter, she went to the bus station.

4. In the fear that I would not do well in the examination, I remained awake all night.

5. On account of her dead husband, Gouri went daily to the temple.

6. On account of the comfort it gave her, she took her dead sister's child in.

7. What Gouri saw in her son was the reincarnation of her dead husband.

8. The fear that the barber felt was that he would touch Gouri.

9. The comfort it gave her was that Githa would not live alone.