ages meet
׽پԲ patiently
ؼ a long time
ԡ khaki colored
ƣ weight
ٹ last; at the end
ڡտ? Sp. for LT ڡ-?
One ana (six paise)
⤽Ŀ Place name
Sp. for LT Ԩ- is it not that house?
¡֧ (U.) lawyer
޾ӻ (H.) clerk
It's the house, isn't it.
various, multitudinous
± welcome
չԾ է standing in the way of descending; standing in such a way as to prevent s.o. from descending
¯ a few people
- sweetness - affectionately
բػ LT a little = ״
եع- Br. D. for LT եݯ ͨԧ if you let, leave
׾ gently, slowly, nicely
Ԥ hey, man
׻ «硴Բ LT ׻ ¢硴Բ you have learned, memorized, made a mental note of
¯ LT I come, don't I?
ͨա Br.D. for LT ͨš when, what day?
III intr./tr. push away
پ ״ making a path, set out on a path
Բ live coals, embers
VI intr. burn, scorch
塴 sari end that covers head
VI tr. pull, drag
پ burden, load
VI intr. grill, fry, parch
״ԥ III tr. beat
״ԥܿ the parched, beaten dust
inf. of III i. become pressed, firm, trodden;
trampled, sink, be set.
ջ VI tr. tread on, trample, plod, slog
ջբ-- = ջբ-, ջբ Ի "(as one) tramps; in a plodding, slogging manner; tramping along cf, Fabricius p. 63 way, manner. Use of with AJP's is unusual but typical of Jeyakanthan; other writers prefer etc.
ջբ as she plodded resolutely along; (as she) plodded doggedly or resolutely along;
˹, ˹ body
age, maturity, seniority cf. VI i. become old
corpulence, bulk, weight, heaviness of body
Ĥ fatigue
ը ׻ will realize (only) after (getting home)
ª դ her estimation
jutka, horse cart, tonga
ش form, shape, figure, idea, mental image
VII intr. be extensive, be numerous
ը ش image of (s.t.) driving (s.t.) away
׽ matter, thing of importance
ªģ flood, tide
׽ III intr. thrive, increase, grow
դ whirlwind
dried (adj.) - dry
desert, barrenness
ؽ become different, change(d)
԰ٴ riches, prosperity, felicity; a wife
׼ conflagration, fire; (fig.: great grief)
ôտª she who has become used to, accustomed to
԰ٴ ׼礽 even in the great (lifely) grief
burn, scorch
աը AJP, that which burns, scorches
Ի Skt: foot
ٻ Inf. of ٻ II intr. be concealed, covered,
buried, hidden; Inf. for "simultaneous": "as her
feet were buried...
ٶ II intr. move, walk, plod
road, avenue
edge, border ؿ edge of the road
Ԩٴ = Ԩ + four or five
ߴ health, shelter
see; here: gain, get, enjoy ߴ Ժ to gain, take shelter
ԴԲ conveniently
VI intr. grow up, shoot, germinate, appear
ԴԲ Ģ conveniently (to get shade) grown
¤ neem (margosa) tree
ٹ umbrella
ç shade
III intr. spread
б singleness, uniqueness, aloneness, singularity
бſԲ singly, alone
, a little (while)
II intr. glow, shine, burn, smart
աޣ Noun: the N. that burned and scorched
£پ heat
= in the middle, midst
ߴ comfort
AJP - that which spread out
ç ؽ like that shade
Ի neg. AJP - that which does not believe
ɬ罻ԣ ڱ twentieth century
ըƾԲ as a symbol
׶ ԧؿ ձޣ one who is totally independent lit. one who always believes his/her own leg
ջ that which is very rare (to see)
ƣ visit
׾ ֶտ the breeze that flew very gently
կԱ cold breeze
¤ ô tender leaves of the neem tree
կ waved, shaking gently
ͨƤ ػ oh my father (lord) - the great god
׻ express gratitude
پ coldness
塴ܥ ԥ 崣 the charming face that is covered by sari end
ٻ childlike brightness
״ was dwelling, occupied
ٶ ordered teeth
Բ beautifully
پ constituted
碻 slightly swollen, fat, plump
ôտ fair, attractive
black mole
black; + + (adjective of the quotative verb)
ض ض together
¿է in her young age
ª ͤ 礽Ԫ how she might/would have been
Ծ + Ⱦ without thinking
(Ծ obstain from) Ծ 硴 ܿ couldn't help but wonder
Exercise: Sentences to translate
1. Everyone who saw the temple wondered what it had been like in the last century
2. When she laughed she looked like an old lady.
3. In her estimation, the rustling of the foliage of a neem tree was more refreshing than bathing in the river.
׽Ԩ gold ţ color ׽Ԩž ؾ golden colored body
ؽ difference
ԯ fiber silk
ԯ coloth made of fibre of silk
flutter, rustle, flap
գ border, edge
塴 end of sari covering the head
ޢ ޢԲ in bunches
Դ lightly
ԥ showing out
shave off the hair
Դեԧ as it was long since head was shaven
įޣ that which was grown
ª silver hair
ӽܴ euptal,glass necklace
׼ forhead, brow
տ VI v.i. sweat, perspire
ۻդ ۫ smear of ashes
¢ end of the sari
ԯ lines of the breast
ܤ folding
ٹ wipe, rub
Ԥţ rib side of the body
ã coral ؽԨ ؽԧ like
¤ red
mole outside
ç shade ¿է shine, light
nice powdered sand
reddish Բ hot
״ Kedila river
Ԩ֥ ٶ concrete floor
Ի foot steps
II intr. be impressed, settle, submit, sink
ܿ cause to sink, press
ٶ move
Ի railing
edge, border
չ shouldn't be touched
˺ fealing of fear
give way
ը stood and
׽ tin box
ޣ respect/worship by joining the hands
ÿ old; familiar
ջ = ǣ barber
׼ Neyveli, a town in S. Arcot District
滣 the barber's name
׽ԥ wife
the ritual bath after giving birth a child
իߥ (բե)
ȢԯԲ warmth; soulfullness
ն enquire
ȫ (ȿձ-) over
ȣ male
Կ be well
Ԩ god ¨ ׶ god's deed/grace
() third
բ overwhelmed
ǻկӹ luck, good fortune, happiness
ǻկӹ lucky man
ӹ suffering, pain
Թ no matter how hard it might be; experiencing whatever difficulty
ܡ « have (s.o) educated
شܿ do you listen to me?
tusk, lock of hair (of men)
Ƕ ignorant, silly, dumb-dumb;
(br. dialect) (ա״) changing
׽ԥ (׽) box - referring the barber's tool box
ڡ carrying
ؾ hereafter
׻ this will never happen (again)
Ԫ men
׽ԣԥܴ women
״ٹ (ٹ) not available
- the fact that
() should change
, ׶ԧ say
ӿ joke
in response
ܫ (br. dialect) (ܢ״) bite and..
push forward; swell
ªդ tender cucumber
young, tender
outstretch տ ٴ past. adj. participle - outstretched hands.
ض (ؽ) when coming
Ǻ four for an anna (six paise)
է V v.t. sell
ؾ (ޣ + + ͨ) thinking that s.t. would be useful for
ޣ show respect, reverence
ըƯ afterwards ()
ؿ on his way
ջ Chidambaram, a town in S.Arcot Dt. having a famous Chola temple for Natarajar.
گ Cuddalore, also spelled گ District capital of S. Arcot
į born and raised
׶է ࣽ a family that was very wealthy, well to do
԰ٴ be married to
ٴ ٴէ
ٴپ ش widow hood
obtain, undertake, assume
share, part, portion
׶Żէ (ؽƻէ) never went
ͨ even so
񢻾 oldest daughter cf VI intr. become old,
be senior
ش form
ش marriage ceremony
V, III put on, clothe with ornaments
VI tr. put on dress or accoutrements
߾ = ߾ = ߾ wife, spouse, one wearing
the marriage symbol
¹ = ornament, decoration; dress, garb; guise, disguise
Թ play, drama
۫ smearing, plastering, coating = makeup
VI tr. disperse, put into disorder, smear
III tr press, burden down
ضԴ fainting, swooning; affliction, sorrow
III cry aloud from pain, fear or sorrow; scream
lap, bosom
III thunder, roar; bubble, boil
廧 first; here: from the time when ...; starting with...
մ II intr. take place, go, go on; be performed, exist
III bear, endure, put up with
ٺ VI tr. receive with compassion, embrace;
fondle, support (as an orphan)
Ǩ love, affection
֯ tear(s)
״Ԫ typo for ״Ԫ
Х III tr. cause to cleave (to); resort, apply for
protection; permit, allow, let.
Х໧ friendship, adhesion, attachment, companionship
碻ա״Ԫ detain; cause to sit, seat, sink down
پ duty, obligation
α take up, accept
Զ love, affection, bond
¨ husband
VII tr. lose, suffer loss
˿(ؿ) ¢ Բ the mother who had
put (her) life itself on (her) son = the mother who
had loved her son more than life = m. who had devoted
her life to her son
Ա III tr. change, alter; transfer
III intr be appeased, calm, cool, healed, mollified
mere, empty
׽ cause; on account of; for the sake of; in order to
(¨ ׽ for his sake)
Ǩ = ǧ not x but y
׽祹 = ׽ Ǩ
VII intr. die
մ present time
instead of; substitute, deputy, surrogate
ջ treasure, fulness, gem
ռջ incarnation, realization, embodiment
, ׿ as X ׿ verb = what (subject of S) verbed was X Sentences to Translate:
1. On account of her dead husband, Gouri went daily to the temple.
2. On account of the comfort it gave her, she took her dead sister's
child in.
3. What Gouri saw in her son was the reincarnation of her dead husband.
4. The fear the barber felt was that he would touch () Gouri.
5. The comfort it gave her was that Githa would not live alone.
ٻ father
II grow, be produced
Ǣ excessive
ضԴ worry, care
˺ II intr realize
˺Ի-¯ he, one who doesn't realize; one who is ignorant of
տ secret
տԴ secretly, in private
II tr. grow angry w., reprove, reprimand; chide, scold
״Ԫ to grow angry with etc.
ͱ = ͱ = ͱ = ͱ already, before, as; properly,
= Ի in many ways ( way)
ţ III intr be perplexed, confused
ܤ high school education, diploma
˽Ԣپ (state of being a) teacher
ձ cultivation, formation, training, instruction
է I tr. practice, learning by practice
ձ III tr train, teach, instruct
˽Ԣپ ձ teacher training (college)
III intr. waver, hesitate, be perplexed
ǽդԿ inmost thoughts, secrets; intention, opinion, meaning
Բ very much, greatly
ԥ celebrate, applaud, commend
VII tr measure, estimate; mete out, distribute
(cf. measure; ɬ this much etc.)
() ܿէ it was impossible to (under)estimate
ͱ״Ԫ agree + accusative
ԡտ happiness, prosperity, fortune
VI intr be full or plump; rejoice, be cheerful, thrive
˪ hometown
work, service + ȱ III tr (here: act) = ׶
տԱ serve.
vb + keep on vb-ing, vb. repetitively or in a connected
տԱ ֻ Githa who was working, serving
ˢؿԴ employment + Աŧ change = `transfer'
= ̯
׻է industry + = industrial city
ã confuse
ٺ accompaniment
III intr endure, be able, possible (Lit: push away)
Ի time of infirmity; old age; (inevitable time)
VII tr leave, relinquish, discard, reject
پ independence, solitariness, helplessness
II intr stay, force
տ inf. of ; (adv.) of one's own accord, voluntarily
come forward
ޡ the reason for coming forward
ͥ III tr stretch forth, reach out; intr (w. dat.) be within
reach, be obtained; go further
= darkness, obscurity; confusion of mind
չ prison, jail
» չ the dark prison of widowhood
ٹ VI tr shut, lock up, enclose, imprison, secure
ٹ be shut up
ǫ = fear
ش (here:) why?
֪ I intr grow long, be long, tall
III intr stay, spend time
׶ = ؽ
Կ Saturday-Sunday; here: weekend(s)
Ƣ ؽ lit: when (she) thought; here: now and then,
off and on
ܡٴ = á custom, habit, usage
բ״Ԫ be shaved, receive/experience shaving
Իޣ = `passive' + Ȼ `neg. vbl. N' + ˣ `even'
+ ޣ `it becomes'
բ״ԪĤ áԻ ޣ it was such that (she)
was not accumstomed to being shaved
ͻկ encounter
ܡٴ custom
پޡ a distance of less than a mile
֥ش = ֥ ش outside the house.
ƶ daily
ٴ newspaper
իض easy chair
 front vestibule, entryway, foyer, lobby
III intr. sleep
¢ the X that was (kept) open, empty
tin ܨ can
Ģ black gram
ţ winnowing fan
״ԥ III tr pour
stick, stalk, stem
long nose
III tr. lower, let down (caus. of III intr.
get down)
׽Ա III tr pick out, sort out
羴 daugher-in-law
wire, bar of metal
obstacle, impediment, hindrance; here: fence
ţ front part
ٹ VI tr. shut; lock; enclose
refuge, shelter
׻Թ III intr hang, be suspended
rattan screen
edge, side
׶ small box, cup, pot
II tr lie scattered, strewn around
չ VII intr lie down, along, be in a state, exist
׽ meaning, significance, sense
DZ < ǧ negative; deprived of, devoid, not having (a quality)
׽ı meaningless
ٺ conversation
Դ raga
draw, drag out
III intr mutter
ƴտ = ƴտ--, ƴտ Ի in a mumbling
manner, mumblingly ࣽĿԥ = ࣽ family + Ŀԥ play
`playing house'
III tr cause to run, manage, conduct
ؽ granddaughter (namesake)
ա iron gate
Ի (neolog.) a moving part of a gate, lock, latch
chain or pin
ٶ III tr cause to hear a noise, perceive noise
ӿ interest, curiosity
£ noise =
ƴ small noise, murmur, muttering
Ŀԥ play(fulness), joke(ing)
Ǵ width, breath
մ VI tr beam, blossom, bloom, open up
׻ ׻ `open' term of address for young
Իէ on ear fall + before it fell on the ear, before
it could be heard
⥹ LT: եԪ
III coo, crow, sing (as birds), shriek, screech
տ տ in a cooing, shrieking manner
VI tr cause to know, announce, make known
բ in an annunciatory manner; the way (she) announced
I intr be confused; be afraid, fear
˱Դ perseverance, effort; cheerful exertion, promptitude;
spontaneousness, willingness; boisterous
 cry, call (cf.  IV tr call, invite)
VII grow red, be red
VI intr be drunk or intoxicated; stunned; stare
ա (as he) stared; staring blankly
ռ a second
VI have eyes open wide, but not seeing; stare blankly
= Ψ + hey, girl! What's the matter with you, girl?
տ one born under Saturn; an inauspicious or unlucky
person; a rascal, imp, scamp
III tr scream, cry
BrD for LT ״
I intr scold
ե having scolded
ش BrD for LT 絪
ػ BrD for LT ֯
«ߡػ Sp for LT ¢״ԪĤ + couldn't (you) take
Բ VI lament, be grieved, complain
Բ in a complaining, lamenting manner
տٻ respect
ػ =
ͨ ... ״ what's the use of ...; who needs X
= ¯ ͨԧ as for them; when it comes to
those guys
ࣽԨ LT + ͨԨ he'll say, demand
VI tr be sorry, grieve, grow tired, disgusted
III tr see, perceive, catch sight of
ٿ = ٿ as soon as (he) saw (his)
ؾԯ buttermilk (thought to having cooling effect)
˽ VI tr bestow a favor, assist; be solicitous
˽բ in a helpful manner; helpfully; solicitously
£ sin; here: too bad
Ƕ II intr grow weak, fall into a slumber or drowsiness
ػ BrD for LT ա״ Բ
Ƕ ػ you were sleeping soundly, peacefully
ǯ III tr signal
ٴտ = ٴ ǯտ = signaling with her
hand, gesturing, waving (at him)
ţ courtyard, atrium, patio
III intr descend, dip
Ţէ descending into the patio
׻ԥ container, cistern
Ǫ III tr scoop up, dip up, take up with hollow of
the hand
III tr wash, rinse
֯ splash
׻ VI tr wash, rinse, clear up, smear
border of the sari
ٹ wipe
 front room, drawing room
乣 sacret ash casket
sacred ash; Ǻ II v.t. put on, ornament, adorn
ի ض easy chair
տ belonging to, rightful, proper, fit
գԶƣ a throne գ, lion, ȶƣ chair
ն fan
Ԣ״Ԫ wait, await
knock, tap
բػ ش ( ״Ԫ) get down, move aside a little
硴ࣹ it's alright ( addressing a male)
ˡش (˥ԯ״Ԫ) sit
碻ա״Ԫ cause to sit
տԣ (Բ-ȣ) what can you do now?
ܢ biting
բ blinking
ԥ make a face
ªդ tender cucumber
ٶԴ in order
twist roll
Ա extra sari
״ clothesline
Դ hold upside down
three litre
ٶ ¯ raw peanut
ǻع inside that
¯ cover
غԣ not seen
߱ ԯ see around
(״) give
fulfil, reach
ԥ matinee show
Բ mother
شԽբ״Ԫ reprove, elide; displeased
ǫ fear
§ novel
˶ (˿կ) life
˶ բ (˿ տ) take (one's) life; nagging
տ saturn
׻Թٻ serial story
ٴ magazine
ꢻĨ write
տ± etc.,
դԴ ش ask specifically, particularly
this time, this age
() other things
ͬ Կէ far better; not bad; okay
ؼԡ Br.D. ơ
䢻 ׶ԧ instruct; advise
۹Դ with surprise
ٹ open the cover
ٿ ԥ put on the glasses
Դջ paper
硴Դ in brief
Զ words
ޤ׽ տ sweat instantly
˻പ lips were shaking
վկ erect the head
ͻկ ¯ opposite wall
׻ hang
ش ؽԥع wedding photograph
be stunned, stare
پ ﰼ pleasing situation
崣 ٹ darkening the face
ٴ arm
촤 grab tightly
崣 face
բ ԯ stare at
սֻ contrary thing; an adverse thing
be startled or struck with fear
ի light
ܿէԾ ܡ can read without glasses
Ǩձտ deserving, fitting for love
ٴէ when writing ( ؽ)
֯ clearness, clear
׻ clear mind
ܻ ؽԡ letter correspondance
Խƣ face to face encounter
DZ ؽ cease to exist
ܥ pundit
ԿŨ on Sunday
羺 marriage
ի decide
ջ widow
˺մ feelings
Խ տ sinful act
ǯ meaningless
ؽ fight
come to a decision
˺ ۯ¾ fully experenicing
» vow, oath of widowhood
ȥ engage in
꡴ proper conduct
˺ understand
ɨ still
ؼ happen
ǫ fear
be born; spring, obtain (the fear)
տ action
ͨ ޣ as far as I am concerned
() mistake
ػԨ appear, seem
ԥ vex, afflict (cause to wither, fade)
( III v.i. wither, fade)
礽 nevertheless
տ new
԰ٴ life
洤 inhabitant, citizen
VI v.i. move about; sojourn, dwell
տ ±ţ ideal accomplishment
happiness, joy
ƣ mind
Ȼ support, accept
Ǩ loving
԰ greeting
ͻկԯ expect
ɧ׿է if not
Ĥ ׽좻 as far as you are concerned
׶եԪ died
lit. bathe the head, idiom: wash one's hands of
߿ self-indulgence
ԯԨ who else
(own) good
VII v.t. leave relinquish, give up, sacrifice
տԴ sacrifice
ͨ ever
Ի Ǩ unchanging love
״ one with, having
ɤ this way
ȿեػ (ȴեػ) has become this way
besides which
energy, ability, guts
loose Բ like the one who lost the ability
Ρ anxiety, fear, longing
stare at
blink, perplex
׶⥹ (׶եԪ) died
׿ leave of, ignore
կԥ merciless
տԴ boldly
ٴ surprise; wonder
ؿԶ suggestion, advice
է answer
ˢ order
ԢԾ without waiting
ǣԤ ժ mom girl
廨 է very first time
֯ƣ decision
廧 first time
֯ģ pond with water
ؿԻմ old age
׼ heart
Զ affection
pulpitate, tremor
£ race lineage, family
ࣽ family
ؿ alas, interjection
calamity; weakness
imagination ( ׶ imagine)
III v.i. impatient, confused; jump the gun
洣 age
Ź (+ different )
ԯٻ word
¿է be on the tip of one's tongue; be about to say
տ rare, elusive, difficult
پ fact, truth
׶ԧ word(s)
ˢ order
Ԣ wait
Կ filial devotion
ྦྷ noting else
ռջ representative
ȶ orthodoxy, observance of prescribed rules, custom, conduct
ӻ shastra(s)
III v.i/t. fear, be afraid, revere
ȴ even if one can not
աٴ belief
ջ life
״ honor, reverence
׽ on account of
ԯٻ word(s)
ͻկԯ expect, wait for
񯡴 foolishness, obstinate; fury, wrath, rage; ignorance, stupidity
֯ƣ decision
բ ؽ be alone; abandoned; separated
׾ƣ silent
Կٹ ؽ mouth shut; become speechless
սֻ adverse; strange; unusual
ﰼ situation; circumstance
ȥ fallen into
sinful girl
put fire
ɿ nature; temperament
α suitable to
䢻 knowledge; heart
߿ selfishness
renounce, տԴ sacrifice
״() realize s.t. suddenly
˻ lips
ԯٻ word(s)
ǯ meaning
¯ others
¿ age
׼ forehead
cosmetic mark in the center of forehead
women's hair
give up, relinquish
ջ fate, destiny
ضԴ sorrow
׽ give birth, bring forth a child
԰¯ը ԰ٴ the life of the living
ɿ() nature; way
Ի ֻ Githa who is a widow
(Իª girl who lost her husband)
˪ inside; heart
į grow
ٻ II v.i. be destroyed
III v.i. die, perish
III v.i. become dirt
۫ nibble/eat by bugs
ant hill
II v.i. be heaped up
˺ feeling
ٶ desire
¿ young age
ڱ half a century
Hindu society
» widowhood
״ harsh fire
԰ loose life
one who saw
Ի one who did not see
״Ի one who did not have
״Ԩ one who killed
ԺԾ without seeing s.t.
Ծ without perceiving s.t.
礽Ԫ would she be without s.t.
having understood
˻ hate and reject
բ blaspheme, slander
VI v.t.
curse V.I. v.t.
ɤ Ȳեػ (it) happened this way
׼բ״Ԫ lit. crush; feel pain (as in mind/heart)
be wearied; languish; mental anguish
׽ day
Բ lean; ׽ Բ lit. day is inclined (to dark); day becoming dark
ġ ¡ޣ ؼ evening time at which lights (auspicious) are lit
ԥ matni show (noon (movie) show)
Զ entrance
ԧ putting the feet on the steps
 living room
ض easy chair
Ȱ ؿԶټէ Ǿհ plunged into deep thoughts
as soon as saw s.t.
׹ immediately
ը stand and..
տԴ secretly - (say s.t. in a low voice)
ͫ warn
 living room
ը retreat; go back
գԶƣ royal chair
(Բ״) leaning
(޴Ԫ sleeping)
ػԪ shoulder
ٹԴ stylishly
׻ hang
sari end; half sari
drag; pull
׶ insert
ؾٹ upper garment
Դ properly
pay attention
Բ quietly; patiently; lit. act like a saint