Some Topics for Research Papers
RelSt 525 Varieties of Judaism

The main object of these research papers is to encourage you to struggle as directly as possible (most of you will need to use translations) with the surviving ancient evidence (mostly texts). Most of the topics have been written on by modern scholars, but you are asked to use such helps only as a last resort -- form your own ideas and interpretations first, to the extent that is possible. The topics provided here are meant to be suggestive. You may be interested in other subjects (please get my approval), and you may need to modify these as you proceed with the research. Try not to exceed about 5000 words (15 old style pages) for your main treatment (any notes, appendices, bibliography, etc., can be considered extra).

You should submit a general idea, with a brief outline or description of how you plan to approach the subject, before the end of October (by email, if possible). The finished product is due at the start of the exam period, and I will need some time to read it before you do your "exit interview" (which will be comprehensive, not simply dealing with the paper). These projects may be submitted in "text only" format by email (not as attachments!), or put on your own web page for me to read, or printed out in the traditional fashion. Opportunity to supplement or rewrite, if advisable, will be permitted, so don't delay submission once you have the main body of the study together in readable form.

Focus on Josephus

Focus on Philo

Focus on Jewish Subgroups

Focus on Surviving Texts

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