Procedure for Scanning Papyri at SCETI (University Library)

(prepared by Dan Harris; 19 May 2004)

1. Logon using username and password; turn on scanner if necessary

2. Open Adobe Photoshop

3. Open cover of scanner; place desired papyrus (including mylar container) on the scanner bed

4. Line up ruler/color bar at the bottom of the papyrus, parallel to the piece, running the same direction as the text. The ruler should be between the papyrus and the color bar.

5. Gently close the cover of the scanner

6. Choose "File" menu; select "Import"; select "from Epson 1640"

7. Choose "Papyrus" setting on pop-up menu (reflective, doc table, photo, 24 bit, 600 dpi)

8. Choose "Preview"

9. Adjust image if necessary; otherwise drag over desired area; press "Scan"

10. Rotate if necessary

11. Select "Image"; "Adjustments"; "Levels"; choose white eye-dropper icon, click once on the white portion of the image of the color bar. If there is a blank (white portion) on the graph, drag the triange to the beginning of the black portion.

12. Press "ok"

13. Choose "Save" under the "File" menu; save as a .tiff file inside the shared folder "Papyrus." Save as LZW/IMBPC [IBMPC??]

//end of scanning instructions//