OF M. R. JAMES (1862-1936)

Based largely on the following sources:

Richard William Pfaff, Montague Rhodes James (London: Scolar 1980) 427-38 (with permission), supplemented from

Nicholas Rogers, "A Bibliography of the Published Works of Montague Rhodes James," pp. 239-267 in The Legacy of M.R. James: papers from the 1995 Cambridge Symposium, ed. Lynda Dennison (Donington ENG: Shaun Tyas/Paul Watkins 2001) -- 440 chronological entries, but there are still a number of omissions. [ISBN: 1900289458]

Ghosts & Scholars 1-33 (1979-2001) has been continued in

The Ghosts & Scholars M.R. James Newsletter  edited by Rosemary Pardoe (; with assistant editors, David Rowlands and Steve Duffy. -- see now "Jamesian News" at

See also "The Ghost Stories of M.R.James" at

This bibliography combines the chronological arrangement followed by Pfaff and Rogers with subdivision, where appropriate, between scholarly works (Pfaff lists books first, then articles, then reviews) and other categories (see A.F.Scholfield's Elenchus, where the materials are presented chronologically within a rather arbitrary threefold division by subject matter; a corrected reprint is appended to S.G.Lubbock's A Memoir of Montague Rhodes James [Cambridge: University Press 1939]). The following list retains Pfaff's useful addition (in brackets) of the page numbers in his biography of MRJ in which the items are discussed, or given more than passing mention. Rogers almost fulfills the hope expressed by Pfaff for "a full, formal bibliography of all of MRJ's writings," except that "no attempt has been made to catalogue all the collections and selections of the ghost stories" (Rodgers) -- and a few other items may still be lacking. Some cross references are also made below to the biography by Michael Cox, M.R.James: An Informal Portrait (Oxford University Press 1983).

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