Papyri Sold on eBay 18au2005 - 11mr2008

  bpferrini Akron OH -- [RAK first bid about  10no05]

Cartonnage (about 125 pieces by 10 July 2006)

Greek (about 104 pieces)

Coptic (about 72 pieces)

Demotic (about 86 pieces)

Hieratic (about 50 pieces, mostly on linen)

Arabic (about 7 pieces)

Probably ancient "fake" writing (sold as "magical") (about 36 pieces)

Aramaic on lead ("magical") (about 34 pieces)

"magic bowl" fragments (about 7)

I have been asked to remove the detailed information  that included purchaser's eBay IDs (although it appears to be "public" information). There have been over 70 purchasers! I have written a preliminary article on this material (summer 2007), and am willing to share pertinent information with other papyrologists and interested scholars. I intend to update the preliminary article now that sales apparently have closed (March 2008).

Bob Kraft (11 July 2006; 17 January 2009)
"kraft" at the URL site