Philo of Alexandria
11/18/2007 (Sunday)
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Room: Emma C - GH (level 3, center)

Theme: Philo in Context

Hindy Najman, University of Toronto, Presiding

Looking for Philo's Abraham in all the Wrong Places?

A Step towards the Entry for Abraham in the New James
by Robert A. Kraft

Abstract: Philo's information about Abraham is mostly built on the Genesis traditions, but occasionally also takes the reader outside that body of material. What other Abrahamic literature or traditions might have been extant in the mid first century, apart from what is also found in Josephus? This presentation is intended as a step towards the Abraham entry in the "new M.R.James" (Lost Apocrypha of the OT)  project, and surveys the various possibilities that have been suggested over the years (with Philo as a focal point).