C.K.Wong, "Philo's use of Chaldaioi," Studia Philonica Annual 4 (1992) 1-14.

What we have sought to do is to explain why Philo
may have used
the way he did and sketch the possble
milieu whereby he felt compelled to be more precise in some of
his (later) usage.  He wanted to distance himself from the
possible repercussions of identifying the Jews with the
Chaldaeans who were often the source or catalyst of riots and
troubles in Rome.  The challenge posed by Balbillus' friendship
with Claudius may also have made Philo more careful.

This paper has only focused on one particular term.  It
remains to be seen whether other words, approaches, and modes of
expression written in the Philonic corpus reveal similar patterns
of use that can collaborate and support this thesis.