REL 015 The English Bible

Class Notes for Week #11, 1-3 April 2003
By Jacob Canales and Robin Bose

Jesus Traditions

A. Pontius Pilate -- Roman governor (prefect) in Judea (and Jerusalem) from 26-36 CE
B. Roman Historian Tacitus (ca 120 CE) mentions Pilate as governor when Jesus was executed:

C. Pliny the Younger (112-113 ce) also mentions "Christians":

D. [tangent] Pliny the Elder (was the younger's uncle)

E. Josephus -- single most important source for knowing ancient Judaism up to this period..

F. Author of Gospel of Luke is aware of "world history" (unlike the other gospels) and special details: G. Judaism in Palestine according to Josephus -- the "philosophies":

H. Roman general Pompey brought Roman power into the Tigris-Euphrates River area around 63 BCE:.

I. Herod the Great (died 4 BCE) and his family were influential Jews in Rome.

--- 3 April 2003 --

The Lord's Prayer (aka "the Our Father")

Influence of Jewish scriptures on Jesus traditions:

The resurrection of Jesus and its aftermath:

Early Christians were accused of being atheists by Greco-Roman critics, since the Christians did not worship the customary gods of that culture.

Sunday School Jesus (quick sketch):

//end of notes to week #11//