Religious Studies 015
Prof. Robert Kraft
Week #14 (22-24 April 2003) Notes
by Paula Castilho and Allison Myers

Thu 04/22

Option for final = Oral Exam (to be scheduled with Prof. Kraft)
Any question is fair game, complete knowledge of anything discussed/read for class is assumed

What we need to start noticing:
-What the details do within a bigger picture (ex: Luke-Acts -> general pic. -> importance of Jerusalem) e.g. How would our views of Jesus' life differ on the basis of each Gospel by itself?
-Overall topic = learning how to make "connections" between the details (the "trees") and the overall theme (the "forest"): "the devil in the details" or "God is in the details"


Hebrews (looking at New English Translation (NET) = not an attempt to be a very literal translation)

Running Notes on Hebrews:

Overview on Hebrews: Revelation, written by someone named "John" (1.1, traditionally called "John the theologian" as distinguished from "John the evangelist"), can be divided into two main parts:

On 24 April, the class did a quick tour of relevant areas in the University Museum -- Canaan, Egypt, the Etruscan exhibit, Greece; unfortunately, we did not get to Sumeria and Mesopotamia.

//end of final class notes//