RelSt 015 Trivia Questions (see also crosswords)

Creation Story (Genesis 1-3)

- Out of what materials were heaven and earth created?
- When is darkness first mentioned in the creation story?
- When are the normal cycles of day and night established?
- What three categories of living things (apart from humans) are created?
- What pattern did God use for creating humanity in the first instance?
- What day of the week did God declare special in commemoration of creation?

- Where was the garden of Eden located?
- Name one of the two specific trees located in Eden.
- Name two rivers that flowed from Eden.
- Why does LORD God create animals?
- Why does LORD God create woman?

- What sort of a creature is the "serpent" prior to the expulsion from Eden?
- What kind of fruit is eaten from the forbidden tree?
- What sort of clothing is made to cover the nakedness of the humans?
- What "curses" does LORD God impose as a result of the disobedience?
- Why did LORD God drive humans from the garden of Eden?
- What is the man's occupation, according to the expulsion story?

[to be continued]