The Canonical Scriptures ("Bible") in Jewish & Christian Traditions

1. The Bible of Classical Judaism = TaNaK

T(orah) [Law] + N(eviim) + K(etuvim)
   ["5 Books of Moses"]      [Prophets]      [Writings]
   ["(c)homesh" = "5"]
1. "Former Prophets"
1. Megillot [scrolls
   ["Pentateuch"]    Joshua
     for special use]
     Judges    Esther
  Genesis    Samuel-Kings    Ruth
  Exodus      Song/Canticles
2. "Latter Prophets"
  Numbers    Isaiah    Lamentations
  Deuteronomy    Jeremiah  
2. Other
     "The Twelve"    Psalms
       ["Minor Prophets"]    Proverbs

2. Scriptures from Greek Judaism = "Septuagint" ("LXX")

TaNaK + "Apocrypha"  
  in Greek Translation    
  differently organized 1. Historical/Legendary 2. "Wisdom" Literature
Pentateuch    1 Esdras (see Ezra)    Wisdom of Solomon
Historical Books    Tobit    Sirach/Ben Sira/ Ecclesiasticus
  "former prophets"    Judith    Psalm 151
    plus Ruth    Esther additions  
  Chronicles    Daniel additions 3. Other
  Ezra-Nehemiah    Song of the 3  
  Esther    Susanna    Letter of Jeremiah
  Prophets    Bel & Dragon    Baruch
    includes Daniel    1-2 Maccabees  [Latin (not Greek)]
  Lamentations    3 Maccabees   (Prayer of Manasseh)
Holy Writings[Hagiographa]    4 Maccabees   (4 Ezra)
    [mostly poetic]    

3. Eastern Orthodox (Greek, etc.) and Roman Catholic (Latin) Christianity

"Old Testament" (see LXX) + "New Testament"    
TaNaK 1. Gospels 2. Letters 3. Other
Apocrypha   "Synoptics"    Pauline    Acts
  [with slight     Matthew    Petrine    Hebrews
   differences between     Mark    Johannine    Revelation
   Greek and Latin     Luke    James  
   collections]   John    Jude  


4. Protestant Christianity

"Old Testament" = TaNaK + "New Testament"