Some of the Fragments of 4QMMT

adapted from Garcia Martinez (DSST 77f; DSSSE 4Q394-399) and web sites
[[provisional format by RAK]]

{01} […] a sabbath in it; after the sa[bbath…]
{02} is added. And the year is complete, three hundred and si[xty…]
{03} days. [remainder of the line is blank in 4Q394]
{04} These are some of our regulations […G]od, which are pa[rt of]
{05} the precepts we […] they [a]ll relate to […]
{06} and the purity of […] wheat of the gen[tiles…]
{07} and they touch it […] and they defi[le…]
{08} […] of the wheat of the gentiles shall be brought into the temple […]
{09} which they cook in vessels […]
{10} the flesh of their sacrifices and […] in the courtyard the […]
{11} with the broth of their sacriifices. And concerning the sacrifice of the gentiles […]
{12} […] which he is pulling towards it. […]
{13} which they postpone from one day to another, w[e…]
{14} that the ce[real]-offering […] with the fats and the meat on the day of their sa[crifice…]
{15} priests should oversee in this matter in such a way that the […] do not
{16} lead the people into error. And also in what pertains to the purity of the red heifer in the sin-offering
{17} that whoever slaughters it and whoever burns it and whoever collects the ash and whoever sprinkles
the […]
{18} purification, all these ought to be pure at sunset,
{19} so that whoever is pure sprinkles the impure. For the sons of
{20} […] ought […]
{21} […] hides of cat[tle…]
{22} the vessels of […]
{23} […] them into the tem[ple…]
{24} […] And also concerning the hid[es…]
{25} […] and from their hides, handles of ves[sels…]
{26} [...] clean [...] the one who [...] its carcase [...]
{27} [...] And also concerning [...] which they [...]
{28} [...]
{29} the priests ought to com[ply...] things [...]
{30} lead the people into sin. And concerning what is written [...]
{31} [...] outside the camp, a bull, or a [she]ep or a she-goat. The pl[ace...]
{32} And we think that the temple [...Je]rusalem
{33} is the camp, and outside the camp is [...] it is the camp of
{34} their cities. Outside the ca[mp...] you shall remove the ashes
{35} from the altar and bur[n...] is the place which
{36} [...]
{37} [...]
{38} [...] do not slaughter in the temple [...]
{39} [...] the mother and son [...] on the same day
{40} [... w]e think that one can eat the son
{41} [...] this is so and that this matter is written down; the pregnant
{42} [... sever]ed penis, if these enter
{43} [...] take a bone
{44} [...]
{45} [...] we think
{46} [...] concerning these
{47} [...] join them and make them
{48} [...] and not be brou[ght]
{49} [...] of the people
{50} [...] some associating with others
{51} [...] uncleanness of the male
{52} [...] concerning the blind
{53} [...] and they do not see the unclenness of
{54} the sin-offering. [remainder of the line is blank in 4Q394]
{55} And also concerning the deaf who do not hear the law or the regulations concerning purity and do not
{56} hear the laws of Israel; for whoever neither sees nor hears, does not
{57} know how to behave; but these are approaching the purity of the temple.
{58} And also concerning flowing liquids: we say that in these there is no
{59} purity. Even flowing liquids cannot separate unclean
{60} from clean because the moisture of flowing liquids and their containers is
{61} the same moisture. And into the holy camp dogs should not be brought which
{62} could eat some of the bones from the te[mple ...] the flesh on them. Because
{63} Jerusalem is the holy camp, the place
{64} which He has chosen from among all the tribes of Is[rael ... Jer]usalem is the head
{65} of the camps of Israel. And also [concerning] the planting of fruit trees: a pland
{66} in the land of Israel is like the first-fruits, it is for the priests. And the tithe of the cattle
{67} and the flocks is for the priests. And also concerning lepers: we
{68} s[ay that] they should [not] enter the holy purity, but instead
{69} [...] alone. [...] also it is written that from the moment he shaves and washes he should reside outside
{70} [...] days. And it happens that when they are unclean,
{71} [...] the holy purity, the house. And you know
{72} [...] and apart from him, shall
{73} bring [... wr]itten that he is a slanderer and a blasphemer
{74} [...] they should not eat any of the holy things

- - -
[[4Q396frg1col3 // 4Q397frg5-6]]
Transcription and translation by J. Strugnell and E. Qimron (adapted by RAK)

{75} until sunset on the eighth day. And concerning [the impurity] of
{76} the [dead] person we are of the opinion that every bone, whether it
{77} has its flesh on it or not, should be (treated) according to the law of the dead or the slain.
{78} And concerning the mixed marriages that are being performed among the people, and they are sons of holy [seed],
{79} as is written, Israel is holy. And concerning his (Israel's) [clean] animal
{80} it is written that one must not let it mate with another species, and concerning his clothes [it is written
that they should not]
{81} be of mixed stuff; and one must not sow his field and vineyard with mixed species.
{82} Because they (Israel) are holy, and the sons of Aaron are [most holy.]
{83} But you know that some of the priests and [the laity intermingle]
{84} [And they] adhere to each other and pollute the holy seed
{85} as well as their (i.e. the priests') own [seed] with corrupt women. Since [the sons of Aaron should...]

- - -(Lines 86-96 of Garcia-Martinez)

{86} […]
{87} […] who will come
{88} and who […]
{89} And concerning women […] and betrayal […]
{90} for in these matters […] violence and fornication […]
{91} places have been ruined. And [...] it is writ[ten…] an abomination to be brought[…]
{92} an abomination is odious. […] we have segregated ourselves from the rest of the peop[le…]
{93} mingling in these affairs and associating with them in these things. And you k[now…]
{94} to be found in our actions deceit or betrayal or evil, for concerning […w]e give […]
{95} to you we have wr[itten] that you must understand the book of Moses [… pro]phets and of David […]
{96} […] generation. And in the book it is written […] not to
{97} […] And further it is written that […] from the path and you will undergo evil. And it is written
{98} […] and we determined […]
{99} […] And it is written that
{100} […] these [...] shall happen to you at the end of days, the blessing
{101} and the curse [… ass]ent in your heart and turn to me with all your heart
{102} [… a]ll your soul [… e]nd [...] and you shall be […]
{103} […] Moses and in […prop]hets that […] will come upon you which […]

[[4Q398frg2col1 !! (7 lines total)]]
{cf 98?} […] and we have been established […]
{cf 99?} And it is written And this will happen because
{cf 100?} […] the days of blessing
{cf 102?} […] all your heart

[[4Q398frg1 (papyrus, 7 lines)]]
{104} […bl]essings which […] him in the days of Solomon the son of David and also the curses
{105} which came upon him from the […Je]roboam son of Nebat right up to the exile of Jerusalem and of
Zedekiah, king of Judah
{106} […] he should bring them in […] And we are aware that part of the blessings and curses have
{107} that are written in the b[ook of Mo]ses, and this is the end of days, when they go back to Israel
{108} for […] and not return […] and the wicked will act wickedly and […]
{109} And […] remember the kings of Israel and reflect on their deeds, how whoever of them
{110} who respected […] was freed from his afflictions; those who sought the torah

[[4Q398frg2col2 // 4Q399]]
{111} […] their sins. Remember David, one of the pious, and he too
{112} was freed from his many afflictions and was forgiven. And also we have written to you
{113} some of the precepts of the torah which we think are good for you and for your people, for in you […]
{114} intellect and knowledge of the torah. Reflect on all these matters and seek from him so that he may
{115} your counsel and keep far from you the evil scheming and the counsel of Belial,
{116} so that at the end of time, you may rejoice in finding that some of our words are true.
{117} And it shall be reckoned to you as in justice when you do what is upright and good before him, for
your good
{118} and that of Israel. [blank]