Some Books on Paul for Critical Review       RelSt 436
Arranged Chronologically                         Robert Kraft

[Note: Books used as required reading are not eligible for the review assignment; (* marks such books, including those used in previous years); please obtain permission from the instructor to review a specific book from the list or from elsewhere]

Reviews should not only summarize the contents and argument of the book, but should pay attention to the author's assumptions (what did Paul write? how do we know?) and consistency in approach (is Paul considered somehow "special" in comparison to others in his world, etc.?).

Reviews of Pauline Studies, and Bibliographic Aids

Schweitzer, Albert. Paul and his Interpreters (1912 [*1911])

Metzger, Bruce M. Index to Periodical Literature on the Apostle Paul (Eerdmans, 1960)

Ellis, E. E. Paul and His Recent Interpreters (1961)

Furnish, Victor Paul, "Pauline Studies" Pp.321-350 in The New Testament and Its Modern Interpreters, edited by Epp and MacRae (Fortress and Scholars Presses, 1989)

Mills, Watson E. An Index to Periodical Literature on the Apostle Paul (E. J. Brill, 1993)

Jewett, Robert, Paul, the Apostle to America: Cultural Trends and Pauline Scholarship (Louisville: Westminster / John Knox Press, 1994).

*Witherington, Ben III. The Paul Quest: the Renewed Search for the Jew of Tarsus (InterVarsity 1998)

Introductory General Surveys

Deissman, A. Paul: A Study in Social and Religious History ([1911 German] 1912; 1927\2)

Nock, A. D. St. Paul (1938) [Basic Intro]

Klausner, Joseph. From Jesus to Paul (Beacon, 1939) [pioneering Jewish perspective]

Ball, Charles Ferguson. The Life and Times of the Apostle Paul (Wheaton: Moody Bible Institue of Chicago 1951; revised ed published by Tyndale House Publishers 1951). Pp. 238.

Dibelius, M. and Kummel, W. G. Paul (1953) [Basic Intro]

Sandmel, S. The Genius of Paul (1958) [Basic Intro from a Jewish perspective]

Schoeps, H. J. Paul: The Theology of the Apostle in the Light of Jewish Religious History (1961) [Extensive; Jewish scholarly perspective]

Longnecker, R. N. Paul: Apostle of Liberty (1964)

*Fitzmyer, Joseph A. Pauline Theology: A Brief Sketch (1967); revised as Paul and His Theology: A Brief Sketch (1989\2) -- [Excerpted from The New Jerome Biblical Commentary]

*Bornkamm, G. Paul (1971) [a standard scholarly introduction]

Rubenstein, Richard. My Brother Paul (1972) [Freudian Interp. from Jewish perspective]]

Enslin, Morton S. Reapproaching Paul (1972) [Basic Intro.]

Whiteley, The Theology of St. Paul (1972; 1974\2)

Bruce, F. F. Paul, Apostle of the Heart Set Free (Eerdmans 1977) 510pp

Keck, Leander. Paul and His Letters (Fortress 1979)

Beker, J. C. Paul the Apostle: The Triumph of God in Life and Thought (1980) 480 pp

*Segal, Alan. Paul the Convert: The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee (Yale, 1990)

*Ziesler, John. Pauline Christianity (1983; 1990\2 [1991]) [solid brief intro.]

Fredriksen, Paula. From Jesus to Christ (1988, 2000\2) [Paul in larger context]

Sanders, Ed P. Paul (Oxford 1991) [brief, some imbalance]

Barrett, C.K. Paul: An Introduction to His Thought (Westminster/John Knox 1994) 180 pp

*Boyarin, Daniel. A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity (UCal/Berkeley 1994) [provocative, from a Jewish perspective]

Cousar, Charles. The Letters of Paul: Interpreting Biblical Texts (Abingdon, 1996)

*Murphy-O'Connor, Jerome. Paul: a Critical Life (Oxford 1996)

Wilson, A. N. Paul: The Mind of the Apostle (NY: Norton 1997) Pp. 273

Dunn, James D.G. The Theology of Paul the Apostle (Eerdmans 1997) 800 pp

Wright, N.T. What Saint Paul Really Said (Eerdmans 1997) 192 pp

Young, Brad H. Paul: the Jewish Theologian: a Pharisee among Christians, Jews, and Gentiles (Hendrickson 1997) 200 pp

Chae, Daniel Jong-Sang. Paul as Apostle to the Gentiles (Paternoster 1998) 378 pp

Ashton, John. The RELIGION OF PAUL THE APOSTLE (Yale University Press 2000) 288 pp

Horrell, David G. An introduction to the study of Paul (London ; New York : Continuum, 2000) 145 pp

Polhill, John B. Paul and His Letters (Broadman/Holman 2001) 448 pp

Goodwin, Mark J. PAUL APOSTLE OF LIVING GOD (Trinity Press Intern'l 2001?) 272 pp

Schreiner, Tom. Paul: Apostle of God's Glory in Christ. A Pauline Theology (Downers Grove: Apollos, 2001)

Soards, Marion. Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles (Westminster / John Knox 2001?)

Wiles, Virginia. Making Sense of Paul: A Basic Introduction to Pauline Theology (Hendrickson Publishers 2000) 300 pp

den Heyer, C. J. Paul: A Man of Two Worlds (Trinity Press Intern'l 2001?) 320 pp

Roetzel, Calvin J. Paul: The Man and the Myth (Augsburg / Fortress 2001?) 288 pp


Monographs and Collected Essays by one author (Commentaries excluded)

Schweitzer, A. The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle (1931)

Vos, Geerhardus. Pauline Eschatology (1930; reprinted 1952, 2000)

Davies, W. D. Paul and Rabbinic Judaism (1948; 1958\2; 1980\4)

Knox, John. Chapters in a Life of Paul (1950; repr 1989\2) [chronological issues]

Ellis, E. Earle. Paul's Use of the Old Testament (Oliver Boyd, 1957)

Munck, J. Paul and the Salvation of Mankind (1959) [Paul's strategies, eschatology]

Barrett, C. K. From the First Adam to the Last (1962) [essays by the author]

Georgi, Dieter. The Opponents of Paul in 2 Cor ([German original 1964] ET 1986)

Nickle, K. F. The Collection: : A Study in Paul's Strategy (1966)

Furnish, V. P. Theology and Ethics in Paul (1968)

Kaesemann, Ernst. Perspectives on Paul (SCM, 1969)

Jewett, Robert. Paul's Anthropological Terms (Brill 1971)

Ziesler, John A. The Meaning of Righteousness in Paul (1972)

Schmithals, Walter.Paul and the Gnostics (Abingdon, 1972)

Roetzel, Calvin J. The Letters of Paul: Conversations in Context (1975\1; 1991\3)

Drane, J. W. Paul: Libertine or Legalist? (1975)

Pagels, Elaine. The Gnostic Paul: Gnostic Exegesis of the Pauline Letters (Fortress 1975)

Schu%tz, John. Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority (1975)

Dahl, Nils A; Studies in Paul (Augsburg, 1977)

Sanders, Ed P. Paul and Palestinian Judaism: A Comparison of Patterns of Religion (Fortress, 1977) [Extensive=627pp]

Holmberg, Bengt. Paul and Power: The Structure of Authority in the Primitive Church as Reflected in the Pauline Epistles (1978)

Jewett, R. A. A Chronology of Paul's Life (1979)

Furnish, Victor P. The Moral Teaching of Paul (1979)

Hooker, Morna D. Pauline Pieces / Preface to Paul (1979)

Banks, R. Paul's Idea of Community (1980)

Hock, R. F. The Social Context of Paul's Ministry: Tentmaking and Apostleship (1980)

Hu%bner, H. Law in Paul's Thought (1981)

Theissen, Gerd. The Social Setting of Pauline Christianity: Essays on Corinth (1982; original German in 1972)

Stendahl, Krister. Paul Among Jews and Gentiles (1975) [essays by the author]

Beker, J. C. Paul's Apocalyptic Gospel (1982)

Sanders, Ed P. Paul, the Law, and the Jewish People (1983)

MacDonald, Dennis. The Legend and the Apostle: The Battle for Paul in Story and Canon (Westminster 1983) [Pastorals esp.]

Meeks, W. A. The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul (1983)

Ra%isa%nen, Heikki. Paul and the Law (1983; 1987\2)

Lu%demann, Gerd. Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles (1984) [chronology]

Petersen, Noman. Rediscovering Paul: Philemon and the Sociology of Paul's Narrative World (Fortress, 1985)

Hooker, Morna D. Continuity and Discontinuity [with Judaism] (1986)

Raisanen, Heikki.Paul and the Law (Fortress, 1986)

Gaston, Lloyd. Paul and the Torah (1987)

Theissen, Gerd. Psychological Aspects of Pauline Theology (1987)

Watson, Francis. Paul, Judaism, and the Gentiles: a Sociological Approach (1987)

Best, Ernst. Paul and His Converts (1988)

Collins, Raymond F. Letters That Paul Did Not Write: The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Pauline Pseudepigrapha (Good News Studies, 28: Wilmington, DE: Michael Glazier, 1988; republished by The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN)

MacDonald, M. Y. The Pauline Churches: A Socio-historical Study of Institutionalization in the Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Writings (CambridgeU 1988)

Hays, Richard B. Echoes of Scriptures in the Letters of Paul (1989)

Hubner, Hans. Law in Paul's Thought (T & T Clark 1989) 186 pp

Luedemann, Gerd. Opposition to Paul in Jewish Christianity (1989)

Malherbe, Abraham J. Paul and the Popular Philosophers (1989)

Dunn, James D. G. Jesus, Paul and the Law: Studies in Mark and Galatians (1990)

Elliott, Neil. The Rhetoric of Romans: Argumentative Constraint and Strategy and Paul's Dialogue with Judaism (Sheffield Academic Press 1990)

Hooker, Morna. From Adam to Christ: Essays on Paul (1990)

Tomson, Peter J. Paul and the Jewish Law: Halakha in the Letters of the Apostle to the Gentiles (1990)

Beker, J. Christiaan. The Heirs of Paul: Paul's Legacy in the NT and in the Church Today (Fortress 1991)

Hengel, Martin. The Pre-Christian Paul (1991; see below, 1997)

Richards, E. R. The Secretary in the Letters of Paul (Mohr/Siebeck 1991)

Keener, Craig S. Paul, Women, and Wives: Marriage and Women's Ministry in the Letters of Paul (Hendrickson 1992) 368 pp

Maccoby, Hyam. Paul and Hellenism (1992?) [highly controversial]

Stanley, Christopher D. Paul and the Language of Scripture: Citation technique in the Pauline Epistles and contemporary literature (Cambridge U. Press: 1992), 396 pp [revision of author's 1990 Ph.D. thesis under Moody Smith at Duke University]

Furnish, Victor. Jesus According to Paul (1993)

Lincoln, Andrew and A. J. M. Wedderburn. The Theology of the Later Pauline Letters (CambridgeU 1993)

MItchell, Margaret. Paul and the Rhetoric of Reconciliation (Westminster/John Knox Press, c1993; originally a Chicago dissertation under Betz)

Elliott, Neil. Liberating Paul : the justice of God and the politics of the apostle (Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1994) 308 pp

Stowers, Stanley.A Reading of Romans: Justice, Jews and Gentiles (Yale University Press, 1994)

Witherington, Ben III. Paul's Narrative Thought World: the Tapestry of Tragedy and Triumph (Westminster/John Knox 1994) 352 pp

Young, Frances. The Theology of the Pastoral Epistles (CambridgeU 1994)

Fee, Gordon D. Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God (Hendrickson 1995) 208 pp

Martin, Dale.The Corinthian Body (Yale University Press, 1995)

Morland, Kjell Arne. The Rhetoric of Curse in Galatians (cholars Press 1995)

Wenham, David. Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity? (Eerdmans 1995) 448 pp [opts for follower]

Kruse, Colin G. Paul, the Law, and Justification (Hendrickson 1996) 320 pp

Matlock, R. B. Unveiling the Apocalyptic Paul : Paul's Interpreters and the Rhetoric of Criticism (Sheffield: S. A. P., 1996)

Nanos, Mark D. The Mystery of Romans: The Jewish Context of Paul's Letter (Fortress 1996)

Hengel, Martin and Anna Maria Schwemer. Paul Between Damascus and Antioch: The Unknown Years (Westminster/John Knox 1997) 352 pp

Horsley, Richard A. (ed). Paul and Empire: Religion and Power in Roman Imperial Society (Trinity 1997) [anthology]

Lim, Timothy H. Holy Scripture in the Qumran Commentaries and Pauline Letters (Oxford 1997)

Martyn, J. Louis. Theological Issues in the Letters of Paul (Abingdon 1997) 334 pp [collected essays by the same author]

Plevnik, Joseph. Paul and the Parousia: an Exegetical and Theological Investigation (Hendrickson 1997) 440 pp

Riesner, Rainer. Paul's Early Period: Chronology, Mission Strategy, Theology (Eerdmans 1997) 512 pp

Westerholm, Stephen. A Preface to the Study of Paul (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 1997). Pp. 128

Meggitt, Justin.PAUL, POVERTY, AND SURVIVAL (1998)

Eriksson, Anders. Traditions as Rhetorical Proof: Pauline Argumentation in 1
(Almqvist & Wiksell International 1998)


White, John L., The Apostle of God: Paul and the Promise of Abraham (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1999)

Akenson, Donald Harman. Saint Saul: A Skeleton Key to the Historical Jesus (Oxford 2000) 364 pp

Thuren, Lauri. Derhetoricizing Paul: A Dynamic Perspective on Pauline Theology and the Law (Mohr Siebeck 2000; Trinity Press 2002) 224 pp

Fitzmyer, Joseph A. According to Paul: Studies in the Theology of the Apostle (Paulist Press 2001)

Grant, Robert M. Paul in the Roman World: The Conflict at Corinth (Louisville/London/Leiden: Westminster John Knox 2001) ix + 181 pp.

Lampe, Peter. From Paul To Valentinus: Christians at Rome in the First Two Centuries (translated by Michael Steinhauser; Augsburg / Fortress 2001 [date of original?]) 528 pp

Perkins, Pheme. Abraham's Divided Children: Galatians and the Politics of Faith (Harrisburg PA: Trinity 2001) v + 189 pp.

Reicke, Bo (edited by Ingalisa Reicke and David P. Moessner). Re-examining Paul's Letters: The History of the Pauline Correspondence (Trinity Press 2001) 176 pp

Son, Sang-Won (Aaron). Corporate Elements in Pauline Anthropology: A Study of Selected Terms, Idioms, and Concepts in the Light of Paul's Usage and Background (AnBib 148; Rome: Biblical Institute 2001) xvii + 240.

Stuhlmacher, P. Revisiting Paul's doctrine of justification. A challenge to the New Perspective with an essay by Donald A. Hagner (Downers Grove: Inter-Varsity Press, 2001)

John L. White. The Apostle of God: Paul and the Promise of Abraham (Hendrickson Publishers 2001) 300 pp

Gager, John G. Reinventing Paul (Oxford University Press 2002) 208 pp

Gathercole, Simon. Where is Boasting? Early Jewish Soteriology and Paul's Response in Romans 1-5 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002)

Davis, Stephan K. The Antithesis of the Ages: Paul's Reconfiguration of Torah (CBQMS 33; Washington DC: Catholic Biblical Association 2002) x + 259 pp.

Nanos, Mark. The Irony of Galatians: Paul's Letter in First-Century Context (Minneapolis: Fortress 2002) xii + 376 pp

Some Anthologies and Dictionaries

Murphy O'Connor, J. and Charlesworth, J. H. Paul and the Dead Sea Scrolls (1968 = Paul and Qumran; reissue 1990)

*Meeks, Wayne (ed). Writings of St. Paul (1972) [handy basic anthology]

Hooker, M. D. and Wilson, S. G. Paul and Paulinism: Essays in Honour of C. K. Barrett (1982)

Donfried, Karl (ed).The Romans Debate; (Hendrikson, 1991)

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Engberg-Perdersen, T. (ed). Paul in His Hellenistic Context (Fortress 1995)

Carson, D. A., Peter T. O'Brien, and Mark A. Seifrid (eds). Justification and Variegated Nomism: volume 1, The Complexities of Second Temple Judaism (WUNT 2/140; Tuebingen: Mohr/Siebeck 2001) xiv + 619 [reexamination of Sanders' "covenantal nomism" and "new perspectives" on Paul].

Horsley, Richard A. (ed). Paul and Politics (Trinity Press Intern'l 2001?) 224 pp

Sampley, J. Paul (ed). PAUL IN GRECO ROMAN WORLD (Trinity Press Intern'l 2001?) 464 pp

Dictionary of the Apostolic Church, ed. James Hastings (1916-19)

Dictionary of Paul and his Letters, ed. Gerald F. Hawthorne et al. (InterVarsity 1993)

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