Revised and expanded excerpt from R.A.Kraft, "Reassessing the 'Recensional Problem' in Testament of Abraham" (= pp. 121-137 in Studies on the Testament of Abraham, ed. G. Nickelsburg. Septuagint and Cognate Studies 6. Missoula, Montana: Scholars Press, 1976), 122-123.

"Recension" Problems in Other Literature. --

There is nothing particularly unique about the existence of differing "recensions" of the same material in the literature preserved by Christians throughout late antiquity and the byzantine/medieval period. A wide range of phenomena, from relatively simple textual variation within a rather closely related group of MSS (similar to that within NT MSS, including the "western text" problem in Luke-Acts!) to extremely divergent and complex situations (like the "synoptic problem" in NT), is well attested. With particular reference to writings with a strongly "Jewish" flavor, including Greek Jewish scriptures, the following examples may help to illustrate the extent of the problem:

(1) largely "quantitative" differences, with longer or shorter versions of what seems to be virtually the same base text.-- E.g. (2) largely "qualitative" differences, with alternative ways of stating the same things and no clear reflection of a single Greek vorlage behind the differing forms.-- E.g. (3) a combination of (1) and (2) with largescale quantitative differences in versions of the same material which do not seem to share a common Greek base. --