Robert Alan Kraft's Genealogy Page

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1. Pierpont, Pierrepont, Pierpoint, etc.(Mary Ann Pierpont [wife of Charles Somers Miller] was my mother's mother's mother -- my great grandmother)

2. Miller, Somers, Stannard, Oviatt, Frisbie (central CT; my mother's mother was born Margaret Miller)

3. Northrop (New England; my mother was born Marian Augusta Northrop)

4. Kraft, Binder, Hummel (GERMANY; my father's and his father's mother's side)

5. Peterson (SWEDEN; my father's mother was born Lillian Constance Peterson)

6. Wallace (Dalry SCOTLAND; my wife was born Carol Lois Wallace, daughter of William Deans Wallace)

7. Entwistle (Bolton ENGLAND; my wife's mother was born Edith Entwistle)

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