Email note from eBay seller Michael J. Farr in response to inquiry about the source(s) of the papyri (to which I have added a few identification clarifications):

What we have in our possession is one collection [i.e. Ferrini's] made from several purchases. There are no records and no way of figuring exactly what pieces came from which particular purchase. There are too many fragments and not enough past records of the transactions. But from Mr. Ferrini's recollection he bought them from the following:

1986 and 1987 from a Paris private collection [probably Guy Ladrière (dealer)]
1990 from Sam Fogg, London [collector and dealer]
1992 Michael Sadhig [unknown; probably of Sadigh Gallery, NYC]
1995 K. Rendell (ex. James Ede) ["London Antiquities market 1960 James Ede and Kenneth Rendell, to anonymous donor 1997"; Coptic fragment; "Special Visit Ministry" site]
1998 Pars Antiques, London [dealer, with associations to Ferrini and M. Schoyen]
1999 Sam Fogg, London [see above, 1990]
2001 F. Nussberger, Zurich [Frieda Tchacos Nussberger // Nussberger-Tchacos; Gospel of Judas, etc.]

The papyri we are selling were a part of each of these sales, however, the sales included other more important papyri that were already sold as part of another business. We have no access to the other papyri that had been already sold nor their records.