Sample Descriptions of Papyri for Sale on eBay


Sold by bpferrini, Oct-Nov 2005;


Painted Mummy Cartonnage

Small Cartonnage w/ 8 lines Unusually Beautiful Greek

Large Exceptional Papyrus w/ Coptic Script

Papyrus w/ 4 line COPTIC inscription very bold script
Very Boldly Written COPTIC fragment 
Large papyrus fragment w/ 7 lines Cursive COPTIC script 
Fragment of Papyrus w/ 3 lines of COPTIC script

Papyrus fragment with unusual 5 line inscription, Greek
Papyrus fragment with unusual 2 line inscription, Greek
Impressive fragment w/ Skillful line of Cursive GREEK
Elegant & Interesting fragment of Greek papyrus 

Large and Handsome example of Demotic Script. ca. 400BC 
Large and Handsome example of Demotic Script. ca. 400BC

Superb Hieratic Book of the Dead, ca. 1000 B.C. 

Very boldly written on the verso while on the recto are 3 lines of Coptic script in an informal hand.  Ca. 4/5th Century AD  Size: 54 x 27 mm [10 bids, $91]

Coptic dated to about the 5th Century AD. Possibly earlier. Piece is approx. 62 x 47 mm. [20 bids, $66.99]

Greek Business Document, Ca. 6th/7th Century. Written with black ink in Greek. Piece is approx. 110 x 55 mm. [5 bids, $16]

Demotic contract on Papyrus, Egypt, Ca. 400 B.C and a piece of papyrus with Greek writing ca. 6/7th C AD. from an old collection dating back to the late 1970's. Fragment most likely from a mathematical, business or legal document. Size: 103 x 55 mm 5 lines recto [11 bids, $154]

Demotic contract on Papyrus, Ca. 400 B.C . 66 x 43 mm 3 lines recto and part of a 4th. [10 bids, $71.25]

Linen fragment from the Book of the Dead in Hieratic on linen. Ca. 1000 B.C. Great representation in black ink. Size: 115 x 14 mm [17bids, $122.50]

Aramaic: Most lead scrolls of this period contained magical spells. From a private old collection from 20 years. Size: 38 x 28 mm. [10 bids, $57.70]