October 13, 2006

Bruce Ferrini bankruptcy: selling off the house

How the world turns:

The possessions of a well-known Bath Township art collector and dealer will be perused and picked over Saturday and Sunday as the items are sold to satisfy debts to his creditors.

But those looking for the rare antiquities still in Bruce Ferrini's collection will have to wait until lawyers put to rest a number of legal issues.

Ferrini filed for bankruptcy in September 2005. As part of the settlement he agreed to sell his household possessions, said Akron attorney J. Bruce Hunsicker. His 22-room home is expected to hit the market shortly.

Hunsicker said that although the rarities that Ferrini owns aren't part of this tag sale, there are still plenty of interesting items, including furniture, paintings by prominent Canton artist John Sokol and impressive sculptures on the house's grounds.

Full article here; the sale starts tomorrow outside of Akron, Ohio.

Posted by David on October 13, 2006 10:29 AM

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