Geneva Wares of May 15, 1983:
by Ernest A. Muro, Jr.

     One of the few reliable source documents pertaining to the Gospel of Judas and the other manuscripts that were associated with it is the eyewitness report given by Steve Emmel. He wrote this report shortly after he briefly examined the Coptic manuscripts that were offered for sale in a Geneva hotel room on May 15 of 1983. The Greek manuscripts were examined by Ludwig Koenen. Emmel and Koenen were unable to purchase the manuscripts, as the $50,000 at their disposal was insufficient to match the $3,000,000 selling price.
     Steve Emmel's report has been published by James Robinson on pages 117-120 of "The Secrets of Judas," which was published in April of 2006. A listing of the "Geneva Wares," according to Steve Emmel, is as follows.

     The source for this web page is:
  • Robinson, James M. "The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and His Lost Gospel," New York: Harper Collins, 2006.
June 2, 2006 / August 7, 2006