Martial (c 84 ce, Rome) advertizes his codex books and his bookseller:

Qui tecum cupis esse meos ubicumque libellos You who are keen to have my books with you everywhere
  Et comites longae quaeris habere viae,   and want to have them as companions for a long journey,
Hos eme, quos artat brevibus membrane tabellis: Buy these ones which parchment confines within small leaves,
  Scrinia da magnis, me manus una capit.   provide cylinders for the great [authors] -- one hand can hold me.
Ne tamen ignores ubi sim venalis et erres So that you may not fail to know where I am for sale, and wander
  Urbe vagus tota, me duce certus eris:   aimlessly throughout the whole city, with me as guide you will be certain:
Libertum docti Lucensis quaere Secundum Look for Secundus, the freedman of learned Lucensis
  Limina post Pacis Palladiumque forum.   behind the threshold of the Temple of Peace and the forum Palladium.