Quintilian (circ. 90 ce, Rome), Institutio Oratoria [10.]3.31-32, gives the following advice:

It is best to write on wax (
ceris) owing to the facility which it offers for erasure, though weak sight may make it desirable to employ parchment (membranarum) by preference. The latter, however, although of assistance to the eye, delays the hand and interrupts the stream of thought owing to the frequency with which the pen has to be supplied with ink (32) But whichever is employed, blank pages (tabellae) must be left in which one is free to make additions at will.

Scribi optime ceris, in quibus facillima est
ratio delendi, nisi forte visus infirmior membranarum potius usum exiget... relinquendae autem in utrolibet genere contra erunt vacuae tabellae, in quibus libera adiciendi sit excursio.­