Lost Books of Early Christian Literature             
Robert A. Kraft (updated to 13 March 2007)

This list is based on Goodspeed-Grant, A History of Early Christian Literature (University of Chicago Press, 1942, 19662) chapter 16 [originally chapter 18] and Grant's added chapter 15 on "Eusebius and Early Christian Literature"; the arrangements attempts to be roughly chronological.
Goodspeed-Grant do not claim to be exhaustive in their listing! For statistical purposes, I have also added in green (+) known works that are mentioned in the book but not included their list, and in red, other omissions (sometimes conjectured sources) and/or new discoveries subsequent to 1966. An asterisk on the left (*) indicates that there are no preserved MSS or fragments in any pre-modern language, beside quotations. References in Eusebius have also been noted. "NHL" = Nag Hammadi Library.

*Conjectured Sayings of Jesus Materials "Q" (?) -- no complete text
*Conjectured "Signs" Source used in the Gospel of John -- no complete text
*Jesus Tradition Sources known to the Author of Luke 1.1-4 -- unidentified
+Jesus - Abgar Correspondence [HE 1.13]
*Letter of Pilate [HE 2.2]
*Gospel of the Egyptians #1 -- no complete text [only quotations]
+Gospel of the Egyptians #2 -- no Greek or complete text [see NHL Coptic]
*Gospel of the Hebrews -- no complete text
Gospel of Peter -- no complete text [HE 3.3.2]
British Museum Gospel -- no complete text
+[other papyri frgs]
+POxy 840
+Strasbourg Coptic Gospel fragment
Sayings Gospel of Thomas -- no complete Greek text [see NHL Coptic]
+Infancy Gospel of Thomas
+Protevangelium or Book of James
*Traditions of Matthias -- no text [quoted in Clem.Alex]
*Secret Sayings of Matthias -- no text
*Gospel of Matthias(?) -- no text
*Gospel of Ebionites -- no complete text [only quotations]
*Gospel of Basilides -- no text [mentioned by Origen]
Gospel of Judas -- no Greek text;  newly discovered Coptic text, 2006
Gospel of Philip -- no Greek text [NHL Coptic]
*Gospel of Bartholomew(?) -- no text
*Questions of Bartholomew (if different) [Galasian Decree]
*Gospel of Andrew [Galasian Decree]
*Gospel of Barnabas(?) -- no ancient text [Galasian Decree] [see Islamic version?]
*Gospel of Apelles(?) -- no text [mentioned by Jerome]
*Gospel of Cerinthus(?) -- no text [mentioned by Epiphanius]
+Gospel of Nicodemas, or Acts of Pilate
*Gospel of Eve(?) -- no text
+Gospel of Mary [Greek (part) and Coptic]
+Genna Mariae
*Gospel of Perfection(?) -- no text
+Sophia of Jesus Christ [Coptic, Greek (part)]
Pistis Sophia -- no Greek text [see Coptic]
+Book of Jeu [Coptic]
Epistle of the Apostles -- no Greek text [Ethiopic]

[[41 items listed; 19 without significant MS remains]]

+NT Acts
*Conjectured "We" Source of Acts -- no complete text
Acts of Paul -- no complete text [HE 3.3.5]
Acts of John -- no complete text
Acts of Peter -- no complete text [HE 3.3.2]
Acts of Andrew -- no complete text
+Clementine Homilies
Clementine Recognitions -- no complete Greek text [see Latin]
*Preaching of Peter -- no text [HE 3.3.2; cited in ps-Clementine Homilies]
*Preachings of Peter -- no text [cited in ps-Clementine Homilies]
*Journeys of Peter -- no text [cited in ps-Clementine Homilies]
*Ascents of Jacob/James -- no text [cited in ps-Clementine Homilies]

[[11 items listed; 5 without significant MS remains]]

+13 NT Letters attributed to Paul
*Lost Letter(s) of Paul to the Corinthians -- no text [see 1-2 Cor]
Letter of Paul to the Laodiceans (?) -- no Gk text? [see Eph?]
*Letter of Paul to the Alexandrians -- no text [see Mur.Canon]  
+Hebrews [HE 3.3.5]
+1-3 Letters associated with John
+1-2 Letters associated with Peter
+Letter of James
+Letter of Jude
+Letter of Clement to Corinth [Alexandrinus]
+Letters of Ignatius (three versions) [HE 3.36]
Letter(s) of Polycarp to the Philippians -- no complete Greek text  [EH 3.36]
+Martyrdom of Polycarp
Letter of the Gallican Churches (Martyrdoms) -- no complete text [EH 5.1-4]
+Letters of Valentinus [Clem.Alex]
+Ptolemy to Flora
+Eugnostos [NHL Coptic]
+Letter of Peter and Philip [NHL Coptic]
+Letter about Father of the Universe [NHL Coptic]
+Private letter of Besas to his mother [Harris papyrus]

+Apocalypse/Revelation of John

Shepherd of Hermas (apocalypse) -- no complete Greek text [Sinaiticus; HE 3.3.6]
Apocalypse/Revelation of Peter -- no complete Greek text  [Muratori; HE 3.3.2]
+12 books of Sibylline Oracles
*Sibylline Oracles Books 9, 10, 15 -- no text
+Apocryphon of John [Coptic]
+Apocalypse of Paul [NHL Coptic]
+First Apocalypse of James [NHL Coptic]
+Second Apocalypse of James [NHL Coptic]
+Apocalypse of Adam [NHL Coptic]
Gospel of Truth -- no Greek text [NHL Coptic]
Odes of Solomon -- no complete Greek text

Teaching (Doctrina) of the Apostles (short form) -- no Greek text
+Apostolic Church Orders

+Apostolic Constitutions

[## items ...]
[[here the sequence becomes more strictly chronological]]
[[see above for Polycarp and Hermas ]]

*Papias, Interpretations of Sayings of the Lord -- no text
+2nd Clement (homily)
*Apology of Quadratus -- no text [excerpt in HE]
*Aristo's Dialogue of Jason and Papiscus -- no text
Apology of Aristides -- no complete Greek text [HE 4.3]
+Apology of Athenagoras --
*Marcion, Contradictions/Antitheses -- no text
+Justin's Apology and Appendix [HE 4.8.10, 4.18]
Justin's Dialogue with Trypho -- no complete text
*Justin's Against the Greeks -- no text
*Justin's Against All Heresies (=? Refutation) -- no text
*Justin's Against Marcion -- no text
*Justin's On the Soverignty of God -- no text
*Justin's Psaltes -- no text
*Justin's On the Soul -- no text
+Martyrdom of Justin
Letter to Diognetus -- no complete text
Appolinaris of Hierapolis [He 4.27]
+Basilides, Exegetica [mentioned by Clem.Alex]
+Basilides, Songs or Incantations [mentioned by Origen, Irenaeus]
Bardaisan / Bardesanes [HE 4.30]
Against Montanists [HE 5.16-19]
Tatian's Diatessaron -- no Greek or Syriac text [HE 4.29]
*Tatian's Problems -- no text
Tatian's On Perfection according to the Savior -- no Greek text
*Tatian's On Animals -- no text
*Tatian's On Demons (? omitted by Grant) -- no text
*Tatian's Chronicle (? omitted by Grant) -- no text
*Rhodo, Solutions -- no text
*Rhodo, Against the Heresy of Marcion -- no text
*Rhodo, On the Six Days' Work of Creation -- no text
*Hegesippus, Memoirs -- no text
Dionysius of Corinth [HE 4.23]
+Melito, On the Passover [HE 4.26]

*Melito, On the Conduct of Life and the Prophets -- no text
*Melito, On the Church -- no text
*Melito, On the Lord's Day -- no text
*Melito, On the Faith of Man -- no text
*Melito, On His Creation -- no text
*Melito, On the Obedience of Faith -- no text
*Melito, On the Senses -- no text
*Melito, On the Soul and Body -- no text
*Melito, On Baptism -- no text
*Melito, On Truth -- no text
*Melito, On the Creation and Generation of Christ -- no text
*Melito, On Prophecy -- no text
*Melito, On Hospitality -- no text
*Melito, A Key [to the Scriptures] -- no text
*Melito, On the Devil and the Revelation of John -- no text
*Melito, Apology -- no text
*Melito, Selections from the Old Testament [Testimonies] -- no text
+Theophilus to Autolycus [HE 4.24]
*Theophilus of Antioch, Against the Heresy of Hermogenes -- no text
*Theophilus of Antioch, Against Marcion -- no text
*Theophilus of Antioch, Gospel Harmony (?) -- no text
*Theophilus of Antioch, Catechetical Books [omitted by Grant] -- no text
*Theophilus of Antioch, On History [omitted by Grant] -- no text
*Theophilus of Antioch, Commentary on Proverbs [omitted by Grant] -- no text
Irenaeus, Refutation of Gnosticism -- no Greek text [AH 5.20, 26]
Irenaeus, Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching -- no Greek text
*Irenaeus, On Knowledge -- no text
*Irenaeus, On Schism -- no text
*Irenaeus, On the Ogdoad -- no text
*Irenaeus, On Sovereignty -- no text
On the Paschal Controversy [HE 5.23]
Miscellaneous Writings [HE 5.27-28]
Serapion of Antioch [HE 6.12]
[2nd century 54 listed; 45* (plus about 8 = 62 total; about 80% lost)] 

Alexander of Jerusalem [HE 6.11,14]

+Clement of Alexandria, On First Principles [HE 6.13]
+Clement of Alexandria, Stromateis
+Clement of Alexandria, Excerpts from Theodotus
Clement of Alexandria, Outlines [of Scripture] -- no text
Clement of Alexandria, On the Passover -- no text
Clement of Alexandria, On Fasting -- no text
Clement of Alexandria, On Evil-speaking -- no text
Clement of Alexandria, On Patience -- no text
Clement of Alexandria, On Providence -- no text
Clement of Alexandria, On the Prophet Amos (?) -- no text
+Letter to Theodore (Secret Mark)

+Tertullian, Apology [HE 3.33]
Tertullian, Against Marcion
Tertullian, On Baptism -- no Greek text
Tertullian, On the Hope of the Faithful -- no text
Tertullian, On Paradise -- no text
Tertullian, Against the Followers of Apelles -- no text
Tertullian, On the Origin of the Soul -- no text
Tertullian, On Fate -- no text
Tertullian, On Ecstasy -- no text
Tertullian, Garments of Aaron -- no text
Tertullian, To a Philosophic Friend -- no text
Tertullian, On Flesh and Soul -- no text
Tertullian, On Submission of Soul -- no text
Tertullian, Superstition of the World -- no text
Tertullian, On Shows -- no Greek text
Tertullian, On the Veiling of Virgins -- no Greek text
Tertullian, On Clean and Unclean Animals (?) -- no text
Tertullian, On Circumcision (?) -- no text

Hippolytus, Refutation of All Heresies -- no complete Greek text [HE 6.20, 22]
Hippolytus, On Daniel -- no complete Greek text
Hippolytus, On the Song of Songs -- no Greek text
Hippolytus, On the Blessing of Moses -- no Greek text
Hippolytus, On the Story of David and Goliath -- no Greek text
Hippolytus, The Six Days of Creation -- no text
Hippolytus, What Followed the Six Days -- no text
Hippolytus, The Blessing of Jacob -- no Greek text
Hippolytus, The Blessing of Balaam -- no text
Hippolytus, Moses' Song -- no text
Hippolytus, Elkanah and Hannah -- no text
Hippolytus, The Witch of Endor -- no text
Hippolytus, On the Psalms -- no text
Hippolytus, On Proverbs -- no text
Hippolytus, On Ecclesiastes -- no text
Hippolytus, On Isaiah (part) -- no text
Hippolytus, On Ezekiel (part) -- no text
Hippolytus, On Zechariah -- no text
Hippolytus, On Matthew (part) -- no text
Hippolytus, Parable of the Talents -- no text
Hippolytus, The Two Thieves -- no text
Hippolytus, On the Revelation -- no text
Hippolytus, Against Marcion -- no text
Hippolytus, Against Artemon: the Little Labyrinth -- no text
Hippolytus, Against 32 Heresies -- no text
Hippolytus, Heads against Gaius (?) -- no text
Hippolytus, In Defense of the Gospel and Revelation of John -- no text
Hippolytus, On the Resurrection -- no text
Hippolytus, On the Universe: Against the Greeks and Plato -- no text
Hippolytus, On Good and the Source of Evil -- no text
Hippolytus, Address to Severina -- no text
Hippolytus, Determination of the Date of Easter -- no text
Hippolytus, Chronicle -- no Greek text
Hippolytus, Apostolic Tradition -- no Greek text

Gaius, Dialogue with Proclus -- no text [HE 6.20]
Cyprian [HE6.43.3]
Beryllus of Bostra
[HE 6.20]

Origen, [HE 6.24-25, 32,36]

Origen, Dialogue with Heraclides [papyrus]
Origen, Hexapla -- no Greek text
Origen, Homilies -- no Greek text of 554 out of 574
Origen, Homilies -- no text of 388 out of 574
Origen, Commentaries -- no Greek text of 275 out of 291
Origen, Commentaries -- no text of ??? out of 291 ("very little
                        preserved in Latin")
Origen, On First Principles -- no complete Greek text
Origen, Letters -- no text of 98 out of 100 [HE 6.36.3]
Origen, Miscellanies in 10 books -- no text

Julius Africanus, Chronography -- no text [HE 6.31]
Julius Africanus, Cestoi (or Paradoxa) -- no text [POxy 412]
Julius Africanus, Letter to Aristides -- no text

Dionysius of Alexandria, On Nature -- no complete text [HE 6-7 passim]
Dionysius of Alexandria, On trials -- no text
Dionysius of Alexandria, On Promises -- no complete text
Dionysius of Alexandria, Refutation and Apology -- no text
Dionysius of Alexandria, Exposition of Ecclesiastes (part) -- no text
Dionysius of Alexandria, On Temptations -- no text
Dionysius of Alexandria, Fifty Letters -- no text for most

Nepos of Arsinoe%, Refutation of the Allegorists -- no text

+Novatian, On the Trinity
Novatian, On the Passover -- no text
Novatian, On the Sabbath -- no text
Novatian, On Circumcision -- no text
Novatian, On the Priesthood -- no text
Novatian, On Prayer -- no text
Novatian, On Zeal -- no text
Novatian, On Attalus -- no text

Pamphilus, Defense of Origen -- no Greek text, only book 1 in Latin

Lactantius, Symposium (or, the Banquet) -- no text
Lactantius, Journey to Nicomedia -- no text
Lactantius, Grammar -- no text
Lactantius, Letters to Probus in 4 books -- no text
Lactantius, Letters to Severus in 2 books -- no text
Lactantius, Letters to Demetrianus in 2 books -- no text

Victorinus, Against All Heresies -- no certain text
Victorinus, Commentaries on Gen Ex Lev Isa Ezek Hab Qoh Cant Matt
            -- no text

Acts of the Martyrs Anthology [HE 4.15.46-48]
Rescript of Gallienus [HE 7]
Proceedings against Paul of Samosata [HE 7]
Anatolius of Laodicea, Paschal Canons [HE 7]

Eusebius of Caesarea, --
Chronicle [HE 1.1.6; ca 303] -- Armenian translation, part 2 Latin; no complete Greek text
Elementary Introduction  -- no Greek text of books 1-5, 10
Acts of the early Martyrs [HE 4.15]
Martyrs of Palestine [HE 8.13.7] -- no complete Greek text of the longer recension
Gallican Martyrs [HE 5.pref.2, 5.4.3]
Demonstration of the Gospel -- no text of books 11-20
Florilegium [HE 3.3.3]
Theophania -- Syriac trans; no complete Greek text
Against Porphyry (25 books) -- no text
Refutation/Defence -- no text
Biblical Geography -- only part 4 (Onomasticon) survives
Gospel Questions/Solutions -- no full text
Commentary on Psalms -- no complete text

Appendix: Eusebius on Philo and Josephus [HE 2.18, 3.9]

Philo [his books put in libraries in Rome 2.18.8b]
Allegories of the Sacred Laws [books on Genesis]
Questions & Solutions in Genesis and Exodus [books]
On Husbandry [2 books]
On Drunkenness [2 books]
On what  a sober mind desires and detests
On the confusion of tongues
On flight and discovery
On coming together for instruction
On who is the heir or On the division into equals and opposites
On  the Three Virtues described by Moses
On changed names which refers (53) to another work on Covenants (2 books)
On Emigration
Life of a wise man, or Unwritten Laws
On Giants, or on the Immutability of the Deity
On Dreams (5 books) [all the above on Genesis]
Questions & Solutions on Exodus (5 books)
On the Tabernacle
On the Decalogue
On the Special Laws (4 books)
On the Animals used for Sacrifices, and kinds of Sacrifices
On the Prizes and Punishments and Curses [all the above on Exodus]
On Providence
On the Jews
The Statesman
Alexander, or Irrational Animals possess reason
Every Wicked Man is a Slave
Every Honest Man is Free
On the Contemplative Life, or, Suppliants
Interpretations of Hebrew Names in the Law and Prophets [reputedly]
On Virtues, concerning Gaius

Josephus [HE 3.9 -- books in Rome library, and also a statue]
Antiquities (20 books)
Roman War (7 books)
On the Antiquity of the Jews, against Apion (2 books)
On the supremecy of reason or Maccabaicum
God and his essence (proposed in Ant 20.11.2 -- 4 books)

Grant on Eusebius' Aims (Goodspeed-Grant, 192)
The Church History is thus useful chiefly because of the excerpts it provides and because of the lost works it lists. It is little more than a literary chronicle. There is no attempt to explain either literary movements or historical events. Indeed, Eusebius' prefatory discussion of his plan shows how limited his range was. He intended to discuss (1) lists of apostolic successions among the bishops, (2) important events and the leaders in them, (3) famous teachers and writers, (4) heretics, (5) the disasters that came upon  the Jewish nation after the crucifixion, (6) the war of the [[193]] heathen against the divine word, along with the noble martyrs, and (7) -- a later addition -- martyrdoms in his own time. In addition, he says, he planned to pluck passages from the meadows of Christian literature (thus producing a "florilegium" of anthology) and to "indicate what church writers in each period have made use of which of the disputed books" of the New testament "and what they have said about the canonical and acknowledged books, and anything they have said about those that are not such " (3.3.3).

[He wrote the Preparation for the Gospel between 312 and 318, after the History, which itself was an expansion of the Chronicle, begun around 303.] The general excellence of his sources in the Preparation and his fairly full quotations from them present a rather sharp contrast with the mediocrity of his work in the Church History. [194]