Boleslaw Prus


Translated by Stephanie Kraft

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What follows here are some introductory materials to help provide a better idea of what the book contains:

The chapters were first published as a serial in the Daily Courier (Kurier Codzienny), 1890-1893, then published as a book in 1894. The table of contents is located at the end of each volume but is provided here for the reader's convenience:

Key words:

Women’s studies
Polish literature
Nineteenth-century literature
Nineteenth-century working women
Nineteenth-century economy
Spiritualism (spiritism), faith, atheism 

Book I, Volume 1 (and 2)
(p. 219-220)
Chapter I: Feminine Energy and Masculine Indolence
Chapter II. Hearts and Rubles
Chapter III. The Dawn of Awareness
Chapter IV. The Homely Girl
Chapter V. The Perils of Being Beautiful
Chapter VI. Some Fail...
Chapter VII. And Some Succeed
Chapter VIII. Plans for a Rescue
Chapter IX. Before the Journey
Chapter X. Farewell!
Chapter XI. A New Disturbance
Chapter XII. Dreary Holidays
Chapter XIII. The Old and the Young of the Same Species
Chapter XIV. A Remedy
Chapter XV. Mr. Zgierski Falls to Dreaming
Chapter XVI. Mr. Zgierski Shows His Business Acumen
Chapter XVII. Love's First Imprint
Chapter XVIII. The Price of Infirmity
Chapter XIX. The First Sorrow
Chapter XX. Visions
Chapter XXI. Reality
Chapter XXII. Why Sons Sometimes Go Abroad
Chapter XXIII. Another Goodbye
Chapter XXIV. Kitchen Philosophy
Chapter XXV. One Who Was Driven Away Returns
Chapter XXVI. One Who Had Been Detained Goes Out
Chapter XXVII. News of a Daughter
Chapter XXVIII. Revelations Concerning a Son
Chapter XXIX. Help Stands Waiting
Chapter XXX. When the Queen Flees, the Bees Swarm
Chapter XXXI. Zgierski Is Satisfied
Chapter XXXII. Chaos
Chapter XXXIII. In Flight From Herself
Chapter XXXIV. What She Met on the Way
Book I, volume (1 and) 2  (p.385)

Chapter I. The Awakening
Chapter II. Old and New Acquaintances
Chapter III. The First Plan
Chapter IV. Hearts in Ferment
Chapter V. A Partner
Chapter VI. Two Rivals
Chapter VII. Dreams
Chapter VIII. A Room in the Inn
Chapter IX. Magda Sets to Work
Chapter X. A Concert in a Little Town
Chapter XI. Echoes From the Concert
Chapter XII. In Which the Former Paralytic Is Goaded to Action
Chapter XIII. A Proposal of Marriage
Chapter XIV. Echoes From the Proposal
Chapter XV. Strolls in the Cemetery
Chapter XVI. …And Where They Ended
Chapter XVII. Strolling in the Cemetery: The Sequel
Chapter XVIII. Fighting With a Shadow
Chapter XIX. The Shadow Conquers
Chapter XX. Better Days
Chapter XXI. A New Partner
Chapter XXII. What Price Success?
Chapter XXIII. The Family Council
Chapter XXIV. Going Away

Book II, Volume 1 (and 2) (p. 162)

Chapter I. Return
Chapter II. A House With a Governess
Chapter III. What It Is to Teach Other People’s Children
Chapter IV. Mrs. Korkowicz’s Anxieties
Chapter V. The Soiree and Its Hero
Chapter VI. The Solskis Arrive
Chapter VII. A Clairvoyant Speaks
Chapter VIII. A Governess’s Lot
Chapter IX. At Last: A Visit
Chapter X. The House of Friends
Chapter XI. A Most Unaccustomed Situation
Chapter XII. How the Dead Spaces Filled With Life
Chapter XIII. Echoes From the Past
Chapter XIV. A Meeting of the Alliance
Chapter XV. Echoes From Another World
Chapter XVI. Enter Mr. Zgierski
Chapter XVII. Brother and Sister
Chapter XVIII. Of Spiritualism and Atheism

Book II, Volume (1 and) 2 (p.401)

Chapter I. The Rich Man Who Went Looking for Work
Chapter II. Great Oaks from Little Acorns
Chapter III. On the Prospect of a Sugar Factory
Chapter IV. The Spirit Moves as It Will
Chapter V. Another Echo of the Past
Chapter VI. The Student Who Became a Doctor
Chapter VII. The Dangerous Sides of Gratitude
Chapter VIII. A Summer Evening
Chapter IX. Why Should Friends Part?
Chapter X. What Does a Wise Man Do—Or a Gossip?
Chapter XI. In a New Nest
Chapter XII. Kazimierz
Chapter XIII. More Echoes From the Past
Chapter XIV. A Walk
Chapter XV. Kazimierz Becomes a Hero
Chapter XVI. A New Horizon Is Revealed
Chapter XVII. Darkness and Light
Chapter XVIII. Untitled
Chapter XIX. Untitled
Chapter XX. Untitled
Chapter XXI. Going Away
Chapter XXII. Waiting
Chapter XXIII. On What Shores Do the Waves of the World Cast Us Up?