(Or Walking Alongside Her)


David P. Kraft


Memorial Celebration of Life of Marian N Kraft, 3/19/1912 to 8/20/2006

Bible Church of Waterbury, CT

September 9, 2006 

I thought of how to present some of my thoughts and reflections on my mother’s importance in my life. I decided to present a list of lessons I learned from her that were important to my growth and development, presented in no particular order of importance.  All of these lessons were based on Mom’s faith in God, through Jesus Christ, and the practice of her faith to the best of her ability. 

 [I grew to love classical music, currently sing in our church choir, and enjoy hiking the White Mountains as well as recent trips to the Colorado Rockies, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, and recent overnight hike in Alaska to the Arctic Ocean with my brother-in-law.  The effects have been positive for my health.] 
Mom used her money to send kids to camp, to help raise foster children & support various charities.  She also helped teach swimming to “handicapped children”, led Bible clubs, organized Pioneer Girls (a Christian form of Girl Scouts) & taught numerous church school classes. In her later years, she often drove her “mature” friends on outings, to allow them all to share new experiences & ideas. Her activities were criticized by some of her relatives, but she persisted.   

At the end of her life, I was massaging her feet and she relaxed.  I thought she was asleep, so I stopped rubbing her feet, when she suddenly raised her head, looked at me, and said “That felt good—why’d you stop?”  I resumed the massage, and she moved her head back into the pillow, grinning from ear to ear, and closed her eyes.  Those were the last words I remember her saying.  May she rest at last in this life.  She continues to live within me and many others who will miss her presence.