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Fall 2004

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Spanish/Catalan 230
Intensive Catalan Language and Culture
Prof. Espòsito
MWF 2:00-3:00

An excellent course for students wishing to study in Barcelona, Spanish 230 provides an accelerated introduction to the language, history and culture of the Països Catalans. This course will give students an intensive functional preparation in standard Catalan with the hope that students will acquire a more-than-basic knowledge of Catalan language and culture. In addition to developing oral and writing skills, reading and writing assignments will focus on the history, literature and culture of the Catalan-speaking areas of Spain, France and Italy. Catalan will be used as the language of instruction as much as possible. Requirements include frequent quizzes, hourly examinations and a final during finals week. Prerequisite: advanced work in another Romance language.

Prerequisite(s): 200-level course in a Romance Language.