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Spring 2005

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Spanish/Catalan 319-301
History of the Spanish Language
Prof. Esposito
MWF 11-12

This course will explore three main issues: (1) The external linguistic history of the Iberian Peninsula: How do linguists read history? What are the cultural and historical events that shaped the linguistic development of the Iberian peninsula? As linguistic historians, we shall follow a canonical chronology that will examine pre-Roman influences, Iberian Latinity, the linguistic fragmentation of the Peninsula, medieval attempts at standardization, the rise of the Academy, and the linguistic revivals of the Autonomías. As new philologists, we shall interpret these linguistic cultures in light of their foundational ideologies. Who put the "Hispano" in Hispano-romance? (2) The internal history of the Spanish language: How did Latin become Spanish? What features make Spanish unique in comparison to the other Iberian languages? Is a sound change innocent and free of ideological meaning? To what end do we make such analyses? (3) Reading Old Spanish texts. Prerequisite(s): Spanish 219.